#clearthelist for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Classical School

During the ramp up to the 2019/2020 back to school season a viral campaign began trending on social media under the hashtag #clearthelist.

The subject? Elementary and middle school teachers from across the country were invited to share the links to their Amazon wishlists on social media, inviting people to help fulfill their classroom requirements one Sharpie or box of pencils at a time.

I was a half click away from donating to a stranger’s list which was posted on someone’s Instagram account when I paused for a moment, thinking, gosh, if all these teachers from all different places and school districts have these needs to complete their classroom libraries, top up their art supplies, ensure the basics are there and ready for their students’ use, I bet that the teachers at our wonderful, faithful school have some needs that I’m not aware of!

So I reached out and asked. And as it turns out, our teachers could use a little help.

I conscripted a friend of mine, the lovely Miss McGinn, with soliciting the links of all the teachers’ online wishlists from both campuses, and she has graciously spread the word. Below are the links to the current wish lists I have – I’ll be adding more to the list as the year goes on, and will leave this page up as a handy reference for holidays and teacher appreciation days.

We are so blessed to have this school and this talented and faithful staff. Please consider helping in any small way – even if it’s purchasing a pack of Sharpies or a new copy of a saint book for their classroom library – they are so appreciative of the generosity. I didn’t realize that many times teachers spend out of their own pockets to finish outfitting their classrooms or to supplement their classroom supplies. The more I’ve asked, the more I’ve realized that it’s actually not the exception, but the rule.

I know we all sacrifice to pay tuition – I also know that the cost to educate per student according to the Archdiocese is slightly less than what OLOL charges in full rate tuition. It is this mutual generosity that makes our school community so unique and so remarkable.

So please, whether it’s five dollars – or fifty – I’d be so grateful for your help to #clearthelist!

If you don’t see your teacher’s name on there, please pass the word along: they can email me the list directly at [email protected] or send it along via Fast Direct.