Hi, I’m Jenny.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I’m a wife, a mother, and a writer. My husband Dave and I live in Denver with our growing brood of little people and a cat named Pia, after Padre Pio. We like drinking margaritas, reading silently side by side (introverts of the world unite. Separately!), wrestling our kids on the living room floor, and taking the occasional trip to Rome. We both work for the Church, and we have been blessed with the most incredible community of family and friends.

Sometimes I write about good stuff that’s hard, or hard stuff that’s hard, and it touches a nerve for people. I’m never trying to be offensive, but sometimes it’s effortless, you know?

Sorry about that. I mean, not sorry enough to change my writing style, but, you know, sorry about the discomfort. I firmly believe that honest and authentic dialogue is possible, even on the internet. And not only possible, but deeply necessary for the ongoing conversion and for the revitalization of our culture.

I love that you stopped by, and I hope you’ll keep coming back.


Email: [email protected]