The Postpartum NFP Survival Guide is here!

Last week I launched a brand new baby into the world and have barely had a chance to talk about it, much less write about it. Life has been weirdly, um, chaotic this week. Anyone else? No?

Ahem. Moving on.

I’ve been working for a couple of months now on a secret little project that is especially near and dear to my heart as a veteran survivor of postpartum NFP six times over. In any other industry I think I’d be in senior management, but since my bosses are small and unpredictable and emotionally unstable, I’m still pulling all night shifts in housekeeping.

Eh, what are you going to do?

Around a year into my experience creating content for my NFP membership site, Off the Charts, I started to feel a pull to create more content specifically for postpartum mamas, since that is, in my humble opinion and extensive personal experience, the black hole of NFP.

It’s the time when things are simultaneously the least clear – you might even call them cloudy, ba dum ching – and yet the stakes seem the most high. And, depending upon the kind of delivery you had and whether any complications ensued, the stakes really might be the most high they’ll ever be.

First I’ll say what I always say to mamas who are looking for help with NFP: you need to work with an instructor. Don’t do your own dental work, don’t sew up your own stitches, and don’t try to self teach NFP. I mean, emergencies happen and circumstances can certainly merit the occasional hacking off of one’s limb while trapped for days in a very large boulder crevasse, but…you get the idea.

So, now that we’ve established what this ebook/digital resource is not (NFP lessons) let’s talk about what it is.

When I tell people what I do, I invite them to imagine I’m their best friend who will absolutely look at your test stick if you send a text over, will absolutely meet you for a glass of wine and a good cry when you’re on day 57 of consecutive highs in postpartum Cycle 0, and can point you in the direction of a truly excellent NFP instructor who teaches online.

I can also help you understand why to use NFP, what differentiates it from contraception, why it can be such a powerful force for good in your marriage and in your overall health, and some best practices and common stumbling blocks to look for.

The PNFP SG (that’s a mouthful; think I’ll stick to writing it out from now on) will also help you identify:

  • Common hormonal situations that can crop up on the first 12 months after baby
  • Opportunities to improve and even deepen your marital relationship even in this kind of crazy and sometimes chaotic season
  • Best practices to introduce into the most important relationship in your life: your marriage
  • Spiritual resources to help you navigate it all
  • And other insider info you probably aren’t going to find in your typical NFP program or by just randomly clicking around in facebook groups

I wanted this to be super accessible, affordable, and easy to distribute and so I used a digital content platform when I created it rather than going a more typical ebook publishing route. It also means you don’t need a kindle or any other kind of e-reader to access it!

You can buy yours here – if you’re purchasing it for a new mama as a gift, simply use her email when you order it, or send an email with that information after purchase to [email protected] and we’ll make sure it gets to her.

Thank you SO much for your support – I can’t wait for you to read it too.

Early praise for The Postpartum NFP Survival Guide:

“This is such a missing link kind of resource – there’s nothing else like it for NFP using couples.” – Kelly F, NFP instructor

“I’m seriously impressed with the stuff you included about hormones and different postpartum scenarios – couples NEED this info after baby” – Marie C, NFP instructor

“I wish I’d had this after our youngest was born. I experienced so many of the symptoms of progesterone deficiency and had no idea what to look for. I’ll know better next time.” Rebecca, NFP user

Grab yours today, or get one for a new mama you love!


  • Adriane

    done! this is exactly what I need, with #4 due in January. I’ve been meaning to contact an instructor, cause husband and I could def use a refresh and more guidance since we haven’t formally gone through this since our marriage prep years ago. Could you recommend a good online instructor, as your post says?? SO very excited about this SG, thank you!!

  • jeanette

    You ought to include an excerpt from it here to give people an actual look…that will probably promote it better. Glad to see you accomplished writing something so dear to your heart. It must be very satisfying to have completed it and I hope it reaches many women.

  • Hannah

    “Since my bosses are small and unpredictable, and emotionally unstable” 😂
    You make me laugh.
    Thank You for all your encouragement , Jenny. God has used your writings and your humble real witness to His truth, so many times to lift me up and point me to Him.

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