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Welcoming Big Ben

Sweet Benny (Benedict Reid Uebbing) is now 3 days old after a whirlwind of a weird labor ending in a surprise c-section and almost 10 solid pounds of chunky baby goodness.

Some stats on our newest arrival:

Has allegedly cried once when surprised by hiccups. He and I are still in hotel hospital which I *finally* understand to be a lovely place because:

1. so many kids at home that it’s spa like in comparison

2. I’m not breastfeeding this time around, so I don’t have a starving, dehydrated nursling on my hands requiring round the clock feedings and needed to be monitored, weighed, and poked at by nurses at all hours of the night (I am proficient in many things; alas, lactation is not one of them)

3. the recovery is decidedly different following a surgical birth. And honestly, not all the differences are bad!

My pelvic floor was trembling in anticipation of this large, large child’s imminent journey through. That being said, OUCH. There is new pain and previously unexperienced pain, and it’s an all drugs on deck sort of situation, and I’m sort of amazed by how much I can’t do.

I’m trying to enjoy this forced furlough before plunging back into real life where I’ll be forced to explain to Zelie that I will no longer be carrying her majesty upon my hip as her exclusive mode of travel. Also, where I’ve been for the past 4 nights. Am expecting to be slapped repeatedly in the coming weeks…

Any c section veterans out there who want to chime in, I’ll happily take the advice and best practices. It’ll keep me from stress-googling.

Meanwhile, full birth story blog post coming soonish…maybe…it’s just there are so many Hallmark movies and so few remaining days of December…

For now enjoy some photo evidence of the sibling meet cute:


  • Naomi

    Wow – that is a deliciously gorgeous baby!! Congratulations Jenny! I have been reading your blog down here in little New Zealand for a good few years now and I absolutely love it. Your writing is so great and I love knowing that there is this big Catholic community out there, somewhere – I love being able to tap into it when it all feels a bit too small here at home.
    I really appreciate you sharing all that you do on your blog. It’s lovely seeing your little family grow!

  • Julie

    Congratulations, Jenny!! So, so happy for you! My 7th was a “surprise” C-section too–she had flipped on Christmas day, I was induced on the morning of the 26th and by the afternoon they realized something was wrong! Ha! I don’t know that I remember much of the recovery (God bless poor memory sometimes!), but feel free to reach out to me with questions! God bless you and your beautiful family, my friend!

  • jeanette

    Congratulations to you and your husband!!! Ben is so precious, and I love the photos of him with the kids. Sorry to hear you had a c-section, but you are amazingly sharing your wonderful news in good cheer, so you must be doing great. I hope Zelie understands your situation. It’s so hard for little ones to know they are not being pushed out by the newest sibling arrival. Take care, be pampered as much as possible, and recover well from the c-section.

    God Bless you as you share intimately in Mary’s childbirth experience this year, preparing the way in your heart for her newborn babe to rest in your soul as you hold your own newborn.

    Prayers and love are being sent your way.

  • Sandy


    I am a three-time c-section survivor. 🙂 After the 3rd one it was a breeze for me. The first 2 I actually went into regular labor before they had to do the c-section. The last was a scheduled procedure. The pain becomes bearable. As I am allergic to most of the heavy pain meds the doctors like to give, I was on Tylenol after they took the epidural out. Just going slow & trying not to push it too fast is the best way. Lean on those around you until you feel more able.

    Enjoy the baby snuggles & rest when you can. 🙂

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