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Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a regular topic of discussion on this site. If you’d have asked me when I was daydreaming through my mandatory introductory sessions to the Sympto Thermal Method as a blushing bride-to-be whether I thought I’d spend copious amounts of time writing and speaking about it for … oh, the rest of my adult life, I would probably have laughed. But who’s laughing now?

(God, I guess.)

Is NFP kind of a new thing?

Well, yes and no. Yes in terms of our developing technologies and subsequently improved understanding of the inner workings of the human body, but no in terms of what the Church has always – and will always – teach about the human person and sex: it’s good. Very good.

If you need a refresher on either of these concepts: the human body, and sex, being fundamentally good, may I direct you toward the magnum opus of our late great holy father, Pope St. John Paul II, and his comprehensive body of work entitled Theology of the Body.

Some additional must reads for Catholics or those seeking to understand and implement the teachings of the Church on sex and marriage:

Humanae Vitae (bombshell, this one. And a really quick read.)

Castii Connubi

Evangelium Vitae

Familiarus Consortio

Muliarus Dignitarum

and finally St. John Paul II’s (again!) Letter to Women.

Looking for more help?

More community?

More resources?

A deeper understanding of what marriage – and sex – are for?

Other couples who are actually living this way?

Come check out Off the Charts – we’d love to have you.

No more alone.


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