Adele will forever be commingled with Thanksgiving in my mind, inserted there by a now three year old SNL skit.

anyway, guys, it has been a minute.

Just to recap, I’ve:

  • Left my job at CNA – I’ve been working for them in some capacity or another since 2008 and it is now 2019(!) so I guess that disqualifies me from my tenuous claim to Millennialism (I make the cut by 10 days). It was a tough decision to arrive at but it has been so, so good for our family. God had been asking me to jump for a while, and, surprise surprise, He caught me, like He always does.
  • Started a new ministry/membership site called Off the Charts, designed to support, equip, and educate married couples in their use and knowledge of NFP.
  • (We don’t teach NFP, but we do bring in experts in the form of NFP instructors from all the major methods, health care professionals, mental health providers, and regular couples to share their unique perspectives and expertise.)
  • Oh, and we also have an amazing moral theologian on our roster who answers ANY and all questions OTC members might have about sex, love, intimacy, and the morality of certain practices/behaviors/decisions. He’s such a godsend, and the ability to ask a well-formed and well-practiced priest delicate, detailed, or downright embarrassing questions anonymouslyhas been an absolute gift to our members.
  • Got right w/ Jesus about dieting and weight loss/gain. I’d like to take this moment to formally apologize for every cRaZy diet I’ve ever hawked on these pages and pinky swear I’m done. God has done such incredible healing in my heart and in my brain and even, I’m guessing I’ll discover once I offload this 15 pound baby on board, my body.
  • Speaking of baby…I had a little run in with L&D on All Saints Day because I woke up with a face that looked like a punching bag and a killer headache. I feared pre eclampsia, having a strong family (but no personal) history, but it turned out to be a wicked combination of halloween hostessing hangover + mini snickers and a side of snow day exhaustion.

So, uh, if you’ve been wondering why I stopped writing here, it’s something of a combination of all of the above + we had some technical difficulties moving servers from CNA to a self hosted option. Oh, also 5 speaking engagements between September and October. So I’m lying on the couch with a fork in me trying to arrange myself a maternity leave of sorts and feeling a little bit like I blinked and 6 months elapsed.

But honestly, life is so good. And I’m happy to be sharing a little bit of it here with you all, again.


  • jeanette

    I was sitting here wondering how you are doing, and so I checked your new webpage and here you are with a new comment! I was so happy to see you are happy, and that you feel confident about overcoming your past weight issues, since I know you have been struggling with that and trying different ways of dealing with it. You do sound like you are feeling really good about yourself and your life.

    Miss reading your blog, but glad you like your new ministry.

    Hope to hear more in time, and especially about your upcoming newest member of the family.

    I hope your family has a beautiful Thanksgiving together. As always, much to be thankful for.

  • Cami

    So glad to hear from you, Jenny! Been thinking of you and wondering how it’s all going. I don’t know how you’ve done it but I’ve been drowning since baby #5 came along earlier this year. Never any down time to catch my breath. Lots of putting off my needs… too much. Trying to grasp at some kind of balance. Anyway, wishing you well and lots of blessings as we head into the holiday season. Heard you guys got a lot of snow already. We are deeply missing beautiful Colorado… sigh. Take care, Mama.

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