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What’s your biggest struggle with NFP?
Is it a lack of support?

Is it a feeling of being overwhelmed by your own fertility, of not being confident in your ability to chart?

Do you struggle with what seems like excessive abstinence in your marriage?

Are you having a hard time getting on the same page with your spouse?

Whatever the case may be, know that there is someone else inside of Off 
the Charts facing the same obstacles and fighting the same battles.

This community is such a place of solidarity and support, and as it has 
taken shape over these past months, it feels as though a long-awaited 
dream of mine is coming to fruition.

You see, for years I’ve written about NFP, spoken at conferences and events about NFP, and practiced (with gritted teeth, at times) THREE different methods of NFP.

I know firsthand some of the struggles and sacrifices that a couple who 
are using Natural Family Planning are up against in this culture, and I’ve 
spoken to hundreds of women and couples about their greatest needs 
and deepest desires when it comes to real, practical support.

Community. Practical resources. The reassurance that they’re not “crazy” or alone. 

And most of all, the reassurance that the sacrifices that they are making are not in vain, nor are they invisible to the Church.

Off the Charts was born of a desire to accompany more couples in their 
NFP lifestyles, and to do so in a practical and accessible way with 
monthly video interviews, live and recorded video workshops, 
written studies and content, and reliable, theologically sound
resources from faithful and holy priests.

Living this lifestyle can feel isolating in the current culture, and perhaps even in your own parish or family circle.But friend?You are not alone.
You are most welcome here.

No more alone,  


p.s. Registration closes Friday September 20th at midnight Eastern time – grab your spot now!

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