Last chance, doors are closing at midnight tonight (and ps, my highly irregular blogging schedule will resume … shortly)

For anyone out there who is still on the fence, Off the Charts is still open for new members…for a few more hours.

After that? We won’t open doors again until spring 2020. (And you’ won’t hear much about it between now and then, either, promise!

I know I’ve been sharing a lot about NFP and about Off the Charts this month, but it’s because I’m so excited about what this thing is becoming, and about all the ways the Holy Spirit is moving behind the scenes. I have some really cool collaborations on the horizon and am in conversation with some heavy hitters in the NFP world (LOL what a time to be alive) and it really feels like a sea change moment.

For the culture.

For the laity.

For the Church.

People aren’t satisfied with contraception, and women for sure aren’t satisfied with hormonal contraception. It’s a whole new ballgame with every app and wearable device that hits the market, and as more and more women recognize the unfavorable exchange rate when it comes to what birth control is really costing them in terms of health, wholeness, and functionality.

Our bodies were made for more, our marriages were made for more, and thank God, there is more to be had.

To anyone who is on the fence about jumping in, now’s the moment.

No more alone.

Click here to register, doors close at 11:59 PM EST tonight.

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