It’s not goodbye, it’s see you around…

Today marks my final day with Catholic News Agency, home to Mama Needs Coffee for these past 6 years. It’s hard to remember when blogging was a thing you kind of hung your head about when answering “what do you do for work?” and not the cultural phenomenon it was – sort of still is – now. I’d say Instagram has dethroned the long form essay, but will that stop me from my occasional ramblings? 

Nah, probably not.

Still, leveling up to semi-official “we’ve got a big family” status plus various freelance projects and my work with Off the Charts has cut neatly into my margin for writing time, and so I’ve been a little absent from this space lately. Just like I’ve, you know, gained a little weight over the last 7 months. Ahem.

But as I said, this isn’t goodbye; in fact, you might never have noticed the difference, save for this post, because when you tap in www.mamaneedscoffee.com, you’re still gonna land at ye olde blog. And just between you and me? Without the actual or imagined external pressure to produce x number of pieces per month, you’re probably going to end up hearing from me more frequently.

More good news: I’m creating lots of incredible content for Off the Charts that builds on my years of writing and speaking in the NFP space. So if you like what you’ve seen here in that vein, and could use more support, more joy, and more depth on your NFP journey, hop on over and join the waitlist – registration opens September 15th and won’t re-open until 2020.

And if you just want to keep coming here for the occasionally poignant and oft-ridiculous commentary on all manner of things? Fine by me. After all, what good is having a 6th baby if you can’t look forward to crafting a multi-series birth story out of the ordeal? Plus? There’s like zero competition now that blogging is dead, so I’m looking forward to sweeping every virtual awards category with the tale of bebe sei.

So to each of you who’ve commented, subscribed, followed, and interacted over the years – 9 for this blog, 12 total in the blogosphere(!) – I’m sure glad to have met you. And I’m so grateful to have had your ear all these years.

But like I said, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you around.



Off the Charts

and, still, (and hopefully with greater regularity) at www.mamaneedscoffee.com

Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight,



  • Karen Shannon

    Best of luck to you, Jenny! I got to know you first through Blessed is She.

    Hoping that you find peace and joy though this decision and new stage in your life.

  • jeanette

    As a frequent reader of CNA, I was happy to stumble upon your blog and have the opportunity to get to “meet” you and your family (as well as the other people who comment on the blog). I will look forward to popping in on your personal blog to see how things are going with life in the trenches. The one who perseveres to the end will be saved! (Mt 24:13)

    • Laura Pearl

      I’m so glad you will still be blogging!! I have always enjoyed your insightful and extremely well written essays. I miss how much of a “thing” blogging was when I joined the party in 2011. It’s kind of sad that there aren’t many doing it anymore. (Then again, I have slacked off, too…) I will keep checking in. God bless you and your growing family.

  • Lisa

    I remember reading your blog back in the day when I was living in CA and usurping my roommate’s laptop for internet.:) Glad to hear you’ll still be posting!

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