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Coffee clicks: Nashville, Instagram bullying, and Communism

Heading into a kind of weird weekend for our crew: 2 days off followed by a day and a half of school and then fall break. I don’t remember having fall break as a kid, so I sure hope mine appreciate it.

Dave will be doing the lion’s share of parenting – I’m heading to Nashville on Sunday for a series of talks I’m giving on Humanae Vitae, and I’m thrilled that the first two fall on Monday, October 22nd which is the feast of St. John Paul II. I’m really leaning on his intercession as I prep for my first big speaking events since having babies number 4 and 5, both of whom have been less than cooperative with my prep.

I’ll be at the pastoral outreach center for the diocese of Nashville at 10 am and 7 pm on Monday, and at Belmont University on Tuesday, location and time TBA. Love to see anyone who’s local!

This week was the advent of my favorite hashtag in a long time: #postcardsforMacron highlighted a whole internet full of smart, accomplished women with families of all sizes, many on the largish side, and oh yeah, they happened to have an impressive collection of degrees and academic honors to their names, too.

I had a gross experience on Instagram after commenting on an incredibly inspiring Humans of New York post about the Rwandan genocide. A must read if you haven’t been following. I was praising the pastor who’d smuggled 300 souls to safety by refusing to back down to the roving bands of murderers who kept coming to his door threatening him with a gruesome death. I said I hoped his courage and goodness in the face of complicity and evil could inspire us in our own country to work for a future free from abortion. I got a few death threats and curses for my trouble, and a hundred or so ad hominems last I heard. I’m not stupid enough to keep tabs on comment sections, so I’ll have to trust my IG friends on that one. This piece really resonated with me after this week – I’m not sure I would have agreed otherwise, having largely found Instagram to be the “friendly” social media platform.

I think most Millenials – myself included – would do well to remind ourselves about what Communism really looks like. This story of a Polish hero’s life and death is a good place to start.

Archbishop Chaput has such a gift for communication that is both concise and profound. This is a must read and a great take on the Synod currently underway in Rome.

A third missive from Archbishop Vigano was released this morning.

Have a wonderful weekend, and please say a quick prayer for me on Monday and Tuesday if you think of it!


  • Kathleen

    Your experience on Instagram is so sad, but also fascinating… I am currently listening to the book The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure by Greg Lukianoff While he and I don’t exactly share views on everything, I am really impressed with his honest take on the current lack of civil discourse. Younger generations are becoming increasingly incapable of even listening, much less engaging with people or ideas that are different from their own. The most fascinating part is his list of 9 mental distortions or negative thinking patterns. SO FASCINATING!!! Prayers for a wonderful talk!

  • Kris

    SO wish Nashville was a little closer to Atlanta. I would love to have you come here sometime. You, my friend, are an inspiration on so many levels. Prayers for a successful trip – and for Dave! I know what it’s like to be the Mom leaving the gang. Lots and lots and lots of pre-planning. Heading out for a week myself, for work. Safe travels!

  • Julie

    I am so grateful for the link to Archbishop Chaput’s interview. I’m sharing far and wide!

    I have an uncomfortable feeling about the Instagram comment. I don’t scroll through comments because *dumpster fire* but I actually find your comparison of the genocide in Rwanda to abortion in the US a little off the mark. I have a hard time reconciling (in general) praying in a closet and admonishing the sinner. I’m not sure an IG comment on an internationally followed account is the best use of emotional energy, assuming your prayerful energy was in full force behind it (which of course I do!). Any tips on this discernment?

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