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Coffee Clicks {October 20th}


I wrote up the following for a facebook post. A little tongue in cheek, maybe, but not terribly far into the cheek:

Alternative headline possibilities for this gem of a story:

“Jewish student group at Yeshiva University faces campus tribunal for reading Torah; Holy Book deemed ‘hate speech'”

“Muslim freshman reprimanded by Cambridge Muslim College after reports surface on social media of praying 5x/day facing Mecca”

Would those get our attention?


I was born in Marin county, not far from wine country, and it has pained me to see the beautiful, rolling hills of northern California decimated by horrifyingly destructive wildfires. If there were anything that you’d pray could get the government’s attention (like we’ve seen in Houston and all over Florida, for example) and convince them to set aside their little pet projects and petty partisanship, you’d hope it would be catastrophic loss of life and property. You would think that, but in California, where the government has officially abdicated the throne of reason, you’d be wrong.

Alex, I’ll take obtuse for 182,000 acres.


Does it sometimes seem like the tide of LBGTQ+++++ has rolled wholesale at an alarming and seemingly artificially inflated pace across, well, pretty much all of Western Civilization? I mean, sure, the internet. But as any “influencer” on Instagram could tell you, exposure and building a following at breakneck speed doesn’t come cheap. If you’ve ever scratched your head and wondered why hollywood and the media seem just a tad more “progressive” than most anyone you’ve actually met in real life, it might just be because someone – or rather, a lot of well-heeled someones – is putting up big money toward the goal of “punishing the wicked” and swaying public opinion and policy into the camp of insanity. As Ryan T. Anderson astutely observes: “Not every disagreement is discrimination. And our law shouldn’t suppose otherwise.”


My dad texted me last night that he and my mom were “Pumba crying” (which I guessed to be a Lion King reference?) after reading my little sib-trib from yesterday. Mission favorite child: accomplished.


This is perhaps a little basic, but it’s also basically brilliant. (Plus, my usual favorite annual link to “Decorative Gourd Season” over at McSweeney’s is a little too hot for some to handle.)

Have a lovely fall weekend!



  • Lisa

    OMG, Georgetown. Aren’t you supposed to be a Catholic university? Would it kill you to act like it? All the eyerolls towards them.

  • Katie

    Tell your Dad I shed a tear or two over that sibling post too. What a beautiful tribute! I can only hope and pray my five will be blessed with such a bond in 15 years or so. My husband is one of 6 and they are all pretty close, but the biggest blessing for me from his family has been the gift of many beautiful, faithful sisters-in-law, who are now some of my best friends, not to mention that my kids all have great cousins the same age. Praise God for siblings!

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