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What’s better than a champagne toast at midnight on New Year’s Eve, you ask?

How about an epidural?

Go ahead and leave the button where I can reach it.

The countertops and sink are literally invisible under breakfast dishes, I’m letting the not-quite-two year old nap dangerously late into the afternoon, and the basement is filled with the happy/destructive sounds of children at play who are mercifully far from my line of vision. Which means yes, we’re upgrading to a family of 7. Baby Bing number 5, headed your way December 31st, 2017. And no, that mini van poll on Facebook the other day was not a purely intellectual exercise.

Now that I have ultrasound evidence in hand, I can breathe easy that Cinque Bing is indeed traveling solo, and so perhaps our 7 seater Honda Odyssey will live to ride another year. Or two. Really depends on finding some skinny carseats for that back row, and training Evie to self buckle by Christmas.

Was this baby planned? Sure, by God. And yes, we have a vague idea of what causes that. Are we happy? Very. The feelings of overwhelm lasted a day or so for me, and were alleviated hugely by our wonderful parents (both sets – we’re blessed beyond belief) and our siblings who have pitched in with babysitting help and general morale boosting during what has been my hardest first trimester. But I don’t barf, so how can I complain? I can’t.

This will be our longest gap between kids (2.5 years, thanks Marquette!), and I thiiiink I’m having another girl because I feel so terrible, which was how I felt with Evie. Also, I haven’t really gained any weight, which was also how it went down with her. At least in the first 20 weeks. Cackle. We aren’t planning to find out the sex because the anticipation helps me endure the home stretch, and also because I enjoy shocking strangers by not knowing the answer when they ask “boy or girl?”

While I’m not showing yet (thanks, constant nausea), I’m comfortably rocking these under belly maternity jeans with stretchy elastic side panel things that I was certain were a terrible idea, only to find that they’re really, really comfy and really, really effective at taking any hint of pressure off a midsection that does not want to be touched at all. Also, vv on trend, which is important when you’re gearing up to be a grand multipara of advanced maternal age <— my new fancy official title as I will turn 35 about a week before bebe debuts.

Some thoughts. Pregnancy is hard, but it’s less hard when there are lots of other small people running around needing stuff from you. I’m tired allllll the time, and I’m climbing into bed at 8 some nights, about when the kids are down(ish), but I still think I’m less tired than when I was 28 and pregnant with Joey working full time behind a desk.

We are so blessed by our uncompromisingly pro life community of family and friends. We have not been met with a single negative comment, only overwhelming joy and excitement and support. So even if somebody should say something ridiculous in Costco 5.5 months from now, I have an expansive 3 months of goodwill and good cheer to bank from. Our school principal hugged me with tears in her eyes when I told her we were going to need to talk tuition discounts. Our doctor spent 20 unhurried minutes on my first ultrasound this morning, just because “I love seeing that first glimpse of these little guys, it’s just so awesome every time.” Both sets of grandparents are over the moon.

In short, we are abundantly blessed, and I’m very aware that to whom much is given, much is entrusted. Which is probably why I’ve been able to continue to write about fun stuff like NFP during these past few months, even while feeling like a grade A slug.

For those of you who don’t receive this kind of support and joy and encouragement when you announce a new life, who perhaps struggle month after month hoping to conceive and hearing “no” over and over again, enduring silent judgements and suffering a quieter martyrdom, please know this: you are my real heroes.

We’ve been immensely blessed by the presence of this baby, even in the midst of a kind of crazy season of life. And by crazy I mean living in a friend’s (mercifully empty) house in another city, commuting an hour to work/school(until last week) and our parish, and driving 4 wily kids all over Denver for about a dozen showings a week. And yeah, we’re having a baby.

But I’ve found, remarkably, that the baby is actually the bright spot in the chaos of a season of unpredictability, which either makes me crazy or makes the world very, very wrong about what actually constitutes “ideal circumstances” for bringing forth new life.

And hey, if I haven’t answered your email promptly, it’s probably because I’ve been lying flat on my back tossing unwrapped popsicles out the back door and counting down the minutes to 6pm.

Sweet little baby, we’re so glad you’re here. Welcome to the circus.

Different pregnancy, different baby, same cravings. I’m nothing if not predictable.


  • Karyn

    Awesome!!!! Have you seen that Bonnie at KnottedLife is expecting another one? I’m expecting number eight in October…..I have some wonderful online “preggo buddies” 🙂 As for the mini-van, stick with the Odyssey as long as you can; I love that we can at least all fit into our giant van but I do miss driving a normal vehicle!

  • star

    LOL at “advanced maternal age.” I was 36 when I had my first, and 39 when I had my second. I was upgraded from “advanced maternal age” to “high risk.” Had to have all the tests and all the worry…and every time, their only answer for why they were worried was age, not anything to do with my family history or my health. The baby was and is perfect. I can’t wait for the title I will receive if I have another one now that I’m 40…

    • Karyn

      I’ll be 42 when this baby is born….my records say “supervision of elderly multigravida”. Sounds even worse than advanced maternal age 😛

    • MK

      Love all of these terrible sounding titles. I’m “AMA” for a second time in a row though I think the official term is one of these “gravida” ones. My mother LOL’d when I told her; if only theirs and the previous generations had heard these when they were off having their 5, 8, 10 Catholic babies at what was definitely over 40!

  • Anne

    So thrilled for you!!!!!!!! And I just had the same first trimester experience and #4 IS a girl! 😉 So you could be right! God bless your family!!

  • Hannah

    Congratulations! Wonderful news. (Even though I don’t know you, I’m still excited, cos news of another precious life in this world is still so wonderful! And the witness of your openness to life is wonderful too) 😊
    Will be praying you find your house soon!

  • Brittany

    When we were expecting #3 we wrestled with the idea of trading in our KIA Soul for a Sedona or finding carseats that fit three wide in a narrow car. Since we coudn’t afford another car payment, not that the seats were cheap, we did some research and found the Diono Radian RXT All-In-One Convertible Car Seat. They fit perfectly and since they were all-in-one that meant that all three of our kids, ages 3 to nb at the time, could all have the same seat. I found mine on Amazon and we love them. Bonus they are airline certified if you ever need that.

  • Leigh

    Congratulations! We’re preggo buddies for a second time 🙂 I had my second just a few weeks after you had Luke, and I’m due just a few weeks after you this time around. (Although we did use Marquette for a time in there, spacing is all thanks to an avid nurser! So glad God’s plan is always the best, despite queasy first trimesters!)

  • Kaitlin Alfermann

    Crying in the (loooong) line at Walmart reading this! I knew there was only one reason you’d post about New Years in July. And you’re so right, the baby is the bright spot in ththe chaos in life!

  • Lyssa Davoust

    Congratulations!! Prayers for you and the little one. And the rest of the family too. I’m looking forward to future pregnancy-related posts and birth stories!

  • Kathleen

    Wow!! How exciting!!! And cheers to #5 babies!! I will pray for your health and the baby’s health!! I’m struggling through our current pregnancy but whenever I think about the baby I’m excited! I really wish thy whole stork myth was actually true!!

  • Mary @ Better Than Eden

    Ah, so happy for you guys!!! That’s wonderful news! I love how the baby is the bright spot. So awesome. (Is it weird that part of me wants to get pregnant just so I can take on and laugh at the ‘advanced maternal age’ note?!)

  • Jean C

    Congratulations to you and your husband, Jenny. Praying for you to feel better and for a healthy pregnancy, easy delivery and robust baby!

  • HA

    Congratulations!! And as someone who does not receive the same enthusiasm from family that you do, I am genuinely happy that you do and it gives me hope I can respond the right way when it’s my turn as a grandparent 🙂

  • jeanette

    So happy for you and your husband. And I can hear the tremendous happiness in your words, too. What joyful news! I do hope your house hunt ends soon so you can be fully settled in for the baby.

    St. Joseph, pray for us!

  • Lorna

    Congratulations!! I always want to squeal like a little kiddy when someone announces that they are expecting!! It’s like you are making the whole world happy with this precious baby! And from what you’ve said – I think it’s a girl too!! Can I knit for you?

  • Kerry

    Congratulations Jenny! We’ll be praying for you and the babe.

    I second the suggestion of the Diono Radian. They have kept us in our Honda.

  • Kathryn

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing so honestly with your readers. Your authentic witness to life has been so helpful to me & my family as we live out a similar Catholic life thousands of miles away. This baby is a lucky little one to be loved into your family! Sending prayers for the nausea to subside asap.

  • Bley

    Wonderful news! There is nothing, nothing, nothing, better than a new baby!!

    Makes me feel like I should get back on that pregnancy bandwagon……:)

  • MK

    Congratulations, Jenny & family!! I’ll be right with you, due Dec. 27 with #3 and at age 37 1/4. Oh, and in the interim, moving halfway across the country with 3 and 1 year olds! I’ve BTDT with the “advanced maternal age” stuff, not a big deal really. My midwives especially don’t make a big to do over that 🙂 You’ll do great! Xo

  • Cami

    Jenny! You spring chicken! I just had #4 2 mo before turning 40! Yes, I’m 40 now. I didn’t even meet my husband until I was 32. I only know pregnancy in my 30s and often wonder if it would have been easier in my 20s. But honestly I was a bit of a heathen back then before TOB changed my life. Anyhoo, so happy for your good news! Congratulations! Don’t sweat turning 35. Let the doctors call us anything they want but in most cases we still bring forth healthy babies. God is good. Now the burning question in my mind… Will you potty train Luke before baby comes? I need to pt my 2 yr old. She is SO ready but I’ve got a (just!) 3 mo old. I imagine jealous 2 year old “accidents” happening all over the house in demand of attention.

  • Anne

    Congratulations! As someone who longs for another baby, I appreciate your understanding for those of us waiting for a baby! I was wondering if you started the Low Dose Naltroxone before or after you got pregnant and if your doctor is keeping you on the medication throughout pregnancy? Thanks so much for answering and God Bless you and your lovely family!

  • Julie

    I’m so happy for you and your family, Jenny! And SO glad that your extended families are so supportive. My parents were always happy, but with a side of worry. I had number 8 just a month shy of my 46th birthday and he was my second C-section. I had so many people praying for me for a safe delivery/easy recovery that I wasn’t surprised when everything went so well! And my little boy? They joy of us all! God bless you and your family and know that you will definitely be in our prayers (for all things!).

  • Carolyn Astfalk

    Congratulations! I seldom vomited through my pregnancies either but the constant nausea was trying. Enjoy those Doritos! I swear someone could’ve easily tracked my pregnancies by studying my supermarket receipts.

  • Katy J

    I’m late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS! I will keep you in my prayers, that you begin to feel better soon and that baby and you stay healthy. You are so blessed to have family support!

  • Allison

    A very big congratulations! Long time reader, first time commenter. I appreciate your perspectives on motherhood, femininity, and the sacred nature of life.

  • Rosemary

    Congratulations Jenny! I hope it’s a little girl – I love little girls :). I love little boys too, but oooh, a girl 🙂 I’m going through a tough stage in life too – no babies but other things.
    It may be hard and we accept it, but a baby is just the best, most joyful thing to happen. A child changes everything for good.

  • Magdalena

    Fantastic news! Sending delight your way from Las Vegas!
    –ALSO a tired, grand multipara of advanced maternal age with a daughter named Evie and a baby due in December. 🙂

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