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A little video my talented coworkers whipped up with some reflections on the Women’s March in Washington. God bless us, every one.

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  • jeanette

    No comments here is so surprising to me, especially after the truckload delivery of comments you have received on the subject. I almost hesitate to say anything, lest I destroy the beauty of silence here.

    I watched your video twice. First time I could not hear it that well. Second time I turned the volume up. It was just nice seeing you make the simple but important observation that women have been lied to. This happens in so many different ways in our society.

    To really put it into perspective, one has to go back to the beginning of God as Creator. We have to look at the life giving ability that he gave to human beings to be co-creators, participating in carrying out this beautiful life giving act. One of the most important aspects of God is that He did give each human being a free will, which is exercised to make CHOICES about how to live out the plans He created us for. So God, if you will, is pro-choice, but not in the sense that people use it in describing their view of abortion. No. God is in favor of allowing us to freely follow His plan for marriage and family life. When we work with God, it is like flowing with the current of a river, and we are drawn in the direction we are meant to travel.

    There are so many areas of human sexuality that need to be restored to their proper place. But God does not force our actions. If we want to choose God’s way, we first of all need to value the gift of virginity…a word that people have completely forgotten, which has a beauty that is so special that some choose to consecrate themselves to God in this state. People need to ponder that. The first lie that people are told is that virginity has no value.

    The second lie, which follows directly from the first, is that sex outside of marriage is perfectly fine. It divorces human reproduction and the unifying dimension of marital love from the exclusive commitment of indissoluble marriage between a man and a woman.

    The third lie, the caveat to the second, is that one should avoid pregnancy at all cost, unless you just happen to want to have a child, then it’s okay. Otherwise, you must prevent that from happening. Married or not.

    The fourth lie is that fruitfulness in marriage means 2 or maybe 3 children at most. Beyond that, something must be terribly wrong with you, or you just simply haven’t figure out how to use birth control.

    There are a lot of other lies that support these basic ones.

    Well, I messed up the otherwise blank slate of no comments for 5 days. Sorry to be the first!

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