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The blessed event is upon us, and finally I’m boxing up everything that made this little house our home the past 3 years. It’s bittersweet except no it’s not, I can’t wait to get into a house of our own. It’s been a great lesson in patience and being (mostly) satisfied with what you’ve got, but I am so excited to surrender the title of “renter.”

Also, #neverbeige. Ever again. I bought out the HGTV inspired line of grays and whites and charcoals at Lowe’s this morning in anticipation of a little DIY crash course after the keys are in hand tomorrow afternoon, but before the moving truck pulls up on Saturday morning. My poor husband has no idea what delusions of accomplishment I’m harboring for the 22 interim hours between closing and moving truck arrival.

It feels like the fitting end to a hard, hot summer marked by happy moments but mostly filled with a lot of hurrying-up-and-waiting. My kids are ready to get out of the land of stacked boxes and piled up furniture and back into the enchanted forest of a routine and, for my second born, his first real foray into the classroom.

And I’m excited about that too (which I had the audacity to say on Facebook, much to the consternation of mothers who do not crave separation from their offspring after a 14 week period marked by infectious diseases and real estate foibles.)

What can I say? If this were the animal kingdom, I’d be a mother sea turtle and my children would be autonomously hatching themselves on the beach. Other mothers are kangaroos. It takes an ecosystem.

All this to say, things might be lightish on the blog for the next week while internet is reinvented and reinstalled (y u no can flip magic wifi button remotely, service provider?) and while All The Things are painted. And I can’t wait to share pictures. Here’s a little teaser of our living/dining room space, a “before” shot if there ever was one:

great room

Can you even handle the wood paneling? My heart is quivering in Joanna Gaines-like anticipation.

Stay tuned.


  • Lisa

    Haha, delusions of accomplishment- story of my life! I always have to scale back about 80% of what I plan to do in a set amount of time, as I forget to factor in the fact that I have four kids. 😉
    Congrats on the house! So excited for you guys!

  • mbmom7

    Grays look so great on walls -all beige walls start looking dirty so quickly! Enjoy creating your new home!
    PS – I would be a mother cat in the animal kingdom – lavishing attention on the kits until one day, I’d hiss and chase them off.

  • Kallah

    Oh my gosh I died. You had a flight of genius in that paragraph on school excitement and the ecosystem of mothering.

    Solidarity sister! This summer actually flew by for us however… I am always excited for allllll of my family for the fresh air of change of pace and routine that school brings. And the opportunity for us ALL to miss each other for a few hours a day. 🙂

  • Kate

    Exciting! Last October, we traded our perfectly fine neighborhood house in for an old (really gross) farmhouse on ten acres with half the square footage. I had always dreamed of living in a new house that looked like an old farmhouse, but God decided to give me the real thing. It’s been an adventure to say the least. Lots of tears, but no regrets. May your renovations come along with dry eyes and happy hearts!

  • Hannah Gokie

    There is nothing like the rush of painting/decorating/designing a new place. And just something as simple as paint makes such a HUGE difference! Praying for you to the saint of home improvement (??) that you can get lots done in your short amount of time. 😉

  • Jean

    Jennie, congratulations and may your new home be a place of peace, health and happiness for you and your family. What an exciting new chapter in your lives!

  • Rebecca Millette

    “…It takes an ecosystem.” — This. This is amazing!!

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the transformation. You can totally Gaines it away!

  • Laura

    “If this were the animal kingdom, I’d be a mother sea turtle and my children would be autonomously hatching themselves on the beach. Other mothers are kangaroos. It takes an ecosystem.” — Love this!!! This should be sold on a T-shirt.

  • Meagan Daoust

    I had to laugh. We had a babysitter Saturday night and Fulton was being super cuddly with me as he was suspicious of the the babysitter. The babysitter said, “Aw, it’s so hard to leave them when they are this cute.” I said, “Nope. Not a problem for me.” She seemed scandalized. While I homeschool and usually like all my chicks next to me, I, at times, feel schizophrenic, desperately wanting to leave them and all their nonsense, but wanting to be with them for all the nonsense at the same time. Congrats on the house! It will be a wonderful start to the new school year!

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