Had a rough night?

Repeat after me:


  • Jessi Ann

    And if one is still concerned, read City of God…. Oh so relevant, and it will probably take four years to read– so it should help keep your mind off of it.

  • Lisa

    Truth, Jenny.
    When I first heard Justice Scalia had passed away my first thought was “CRAP.” (but a different metaphor…). And then as the days passed and I thought about it more I just felt that wallowing isn’t an option (and I bet he can do more good now!). Anyways, I know you’re referring to the whole Trump situation but I feel like we’ve had a heck of a lot of rough nights over the last several years in the political arena. It stinks, but at the same time (besides giving up and despairing) what else is there to do than keep going? God alone suffices.

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