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This is what I came for

Do you follow “Blessed is She” on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or with a good old fashioned clicking and visiting of the actual website? Because it’s a gift. And while I’m traditionally more of a print and paper, hold-it-in-my-hands devotional kinda girl, it’s a godsend for when your morning is crazy or you’re traveling or just riding carpool duty and have that handy little smartphone in your paws.

Anyway, it is my distinct privilege to write for them a couple times a season, and today was one of those mornings where I certainly could have used my time in the car and my pre-sunrise rising to be scrolling and meditating on His word, but…the day unfolded differently.

Still, if I’d have taken the time to open that little email, I’d have ended up reading my own words, and reflecting on something that I must need repeated instruction in: surrendering my plans and my needs to His will, in His time:

Have you ever gotten up early to spend some time in prayer or, I don’t know, a shower perhaps, only to find yourself, ahem, pursued?

I read today’s Gospel and I was like, “PREACH Lord Jesus.”

The irony wasn’t lost on me that the Lord had just spent the previous day curing literally the entire town, driving out demons, staying up all night with a nursing baby, etc. and then He rises very early to get a little quality time in with His Father, and what do you know?

The disciples come after Him.

Now, because I am not God, my response in this scenario would have been a little different…

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  • Claire

    I read your reflection on Blessed is She this morning, and it really hit home. Thank you for your insight in how to handle the situations when the need for rest/refreshment conflicts with the need to serve othes.

  • Tara

    These readings smacked me today. After reading your lovely reflection I was thinking about the first reading. I mean, when I hear someone calling (screaming) my name in the middle of the night, maybe I should act a little bit more like Samuel. God speaks through the little ones, right?

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