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Christmas Broke

Is there a delicate way to put this? Ah, well, I’ll just go ahead and give a hearty sigh of relief that our Christmas season – magical, holy, and joy-filled as it was – is coming to a close. And that school started this morning for one very bright cock a doodle doo who jumped his 6:45 am alarm by 34 minutes “to make sure he’d have enough time to get dressed AND eat breakfast” before a 7:20 departure.

Lord, have mercy on his teenage years.

I was wavering about putting him into some kind of pre-K program for the second half of this year because I’m feeling mostly on my feet and, well, because we spend 30-185 minutes of every day butting our matching heads together until somebody succumbs to blunt force trauma (raises hand) and gives in.

Anyway, he’s doing hard time from 8-3 two days a week, and I’m pinching myself because I think maybe we had one interpersonal conflict at home today?

But I digress.

What I really meant to come here today to write about was the fact that I blogged exactly 3 times in all of December. I think. And that while it was nice to have perhaps the longest break of my blogging career, my mojo is definitely a little off kilter now. I just get kind of mentally cluttered when I don’t write regularly, you know? And the comments and emails….I’ll never catch up. So I give up. On catching up on those, that is.

If you’ve asked me a question and I haven’t answered, I’m truly so sorry! But here’s the thing…when I sit down for 20 precious minutes and debate “write or answer emails what to do????” writing wins out every time. I wish I could say that I had more discipline than that, but I think it’s the hardcore introvert in me.

So, I’m resolving to do my best in the new year, but not to let the paralysis of inbox obesity keep me from writing new posts. Which I’m semi ashamed to admit, it has in the past.

As for the new year? Well my “word” of 2016, if you will, is a phrase: acceptance with joy. I feel neither particularly surrendered nor joy-filled for most of my waking hours,  so it should be a good one. And my saint of 2016? St. John Chrysostom, which is somewhat intimidating.

Happy new year, readers. I’m so glad each and every one of you are here.


  • Caroline

    I have a similar motto! “Each day is a gift, accept it with a smile!” But I have decided to add a new one to my life, especially when it comes to my little ones… “It is my duty, and my pleasure.” 2016, little steps at a time…. Even if I have to get up again and again!

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