Scnapps chocolate and just a little formula feeding

A few weeks ago I was reading – in more than a few places – that people miss the way blogs “used to be,” and by that I gathered they meant less polished, less thematic, and with crappier pictures. I have definitely got the last one handled at all times, but things do tend to be a bit curated around here these days, at least in terms of writing to a specific topic. But not tonight!

Tonight, fueled by peppermint schnapps chocolate (St. Nicholas’ helper, someone over on Instagram told me) and an hour of Christmas light peeping in the car, you get random.

First off, the baby with the teeth. Or more to the point, the baby with no teeth who may or may not be teething. He is sleeping a little better and longer at night and no more crazy crying jags, at least not of the magnitude that sent me scurrying to social media to air all my maternal grievances and concerns. Like last week.

What changed? I’m not sure. A few things, I guess. I strapped an amber teething necklace (thanks Hil!) around his chunky neck and started making sure he was eating a good, long while at 1 am, which is usually his night wake time. I’d just been pulling him into bed and passing back out for the past couple weeks, which was signaling to his tiny brain (and rightfully so) that the buffet was open for business. So it was lots of snacking and not enough sleeping, at least not for this high maintenance mom. I also gave him a single 4 ounce bottle of formula at 8 pm for 2 nights in a row. And he didn’t sprout horns, and my milk supply didn’t immediately disintegrate, and his IQ still seems really high.

It’s so nice not being a brand new mom anymore.

Yesterday I helped my friend put on a really, really fantastic women’s retreat. It was just a day long, offered an opportunity for confession and adoration, and featured a really interesting and powerful speaker and great food.

We did very little planning. And by that I mean we traded several phone calls and emails and took 6 of our 7 combined children to Costco at nap time on Friday to purchase supplies. She did the lion’s share of the organizing and all the decorating, and it just kind of came together. And it was such a good day. And a very friendly lesbian barista at Starbucks donated $100 worth of hot coffee to Blessed Sacrament Catholic parish. So who says we can’t all be friends?

On the personal care front, I’ve started working out again with a trainer at our neighborhood ($30/month including 60 hours of childcare!) gym, and it’s been so good. I’m really sore and really slow, but she told me I’m actually not that out of shape, and that it’s just a calories in/calories out game to get the rest of the baby weight off. And by the rest I presume she means the next 35 pounds. I’ve lost almost 5 in the 2 weeks I’ve been working out with her though, and best of all I’ve broken my nasty nighttime snacking habit because I’m out of calories by 7 pm every day. It’s been so good, and just in time for Advent.

(We interrupt this post to bring you a hilarious interview with Princess Leia)

Finally, in a super over-sharing vein, we’ve switched NFP methods once again, landing this time in Wisconsin by way of the not inexpensive Clear Blue monitor. So far, so good. And mostly? Because so far, not so subjective. The worst part of Creighton (which I still heartily endorse for women who are not immediately postpartum and perhaps smarter than me) is the subjectivity of it all. Did I really see that? Did I miss an observation? Do I remember what was going on at 5:49 am? 

My new little digital friend is a lot easier to read.

Ba dum ching.

And on that personal note, I’m off to scour the remnants of tonight’s boozy hot chocolate from the pots piled in the kitchen sink. I hope everyone had a fine and festive feast of St. Nicholas, and that we can all hold virtual hands and use his name and Santa’s interchangeably, at least for this one day.

Peace on earth, goodwill to men, and bishops in red slapping heretics and schlepping toys.




  • Mary

    Switched from Creighton to Marquette post-partum as well- I love it. The once a day testing is something I can actually handle, even in my post baby sleep deprived haze….

  • Beth (A Mom's Life)

    I, too, lament the good old blog days when my feed reader was full of daily life. All the polished posed pictures with graphics and how-to’s make me long for the sweet simple blog days. Thanks for this post. It was just the kind I like to read!

    I, too, use Marquette. The only issue is now that I’m in perimenopause, I’m using 20 test sticks each cycle! That’s a lot of pee testing but ultimately I think it’s worth it.

  • Holly

    I was noticing that my interest in reading blogs has been on the decline and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head as to why. That’s why I loved “Camp Patton” so much and why I still love “My child, I love you”. Many blogs aren’t blogs anymore. They’re magazines- with editors and many different writers.

  • Dixie

    I’m glad you’re trying Marquette. I think it’s especially good for the postpartum phase, when the hormones (and therefore mucus, temp., etc.) are constantly changing and frustrating. I think the other methods can work just as well during “normal” cycling, but Marquette has them all beat hands down for those months after childbirth.

  • Liz

    Couldn’t agree more about Marquette. I’ve been trained in Creighton, STM, and Marquette, and have used each of the three for years at a time. Under ordinary circumstances, I’d say STM is the best method overall, but for the postpartum phase, Marquette is far and away the best. After my son was born, I had 19 long months of total amenorrhea, a few anovulatory menstrual cycles, and a whole lot of ambiguous biomarkers. I’m sure you’ll find Marquette really helpful.

  • Kati

    I am so glad the babe started sleeping better with these dietary changes that did NOT include you giving up dairy. Yes, we would do anything for our children, and yes, sometimes it’s the only way…but I hate when people immediately jump to, “If you’re nursing, just give up dairy!” IT IS NOT EASY TO DO THAT. (Also maybe I have some kind of dairy-free PTSD from the nine months in 2013 that I spent trying every kind of non-dairy cheese Whole Foods carries…..also, don’t do that. Just ew.)

  • April

    This. Post. We are looking at switching to Marquette and have a five month old teether who thinks the milk bar is open all night and I’m struggling to lose 35 pounds of baby weight and have been weighing whether we should bite the bullet for a gym membership and whether it’s even realistic to have a fitness routine with a three year old and bebe. It’s good to hear what is working for you…and I love the part about the barista.

  • Ally | The Speckled Goat

    This pre-partum (er… someday-partum? Hopeful-partum?) gal is sticking with Creighton for the duration of this whole very exciting infertility thing. P+19 today…. and guess who gets to put red stickers on her chart tonight?!?! Son-of-a…

    Anyways… I think so many blogs are going the way of the magazine-how-to style because the bloggers were told that if we don’t do x,y,z, no one will read our blogs. Which, honestly, is a little bit true. But also way less fun. That’s why I write a lengthy, totally unhelpful post every Friday. For the honesty. And the fun. And to have somewhere to go with my blurry pictures. =) Keep on keeping on, love.

  • Laura

    I die a little on the inside every time I see an amber teething necklace. Please make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. While I disagree with the AAP’s stance on birth control (and therefore will never become a fellow of the academy), in general they have access to the best research. I also really respect Dr. Natasha, whom this article quotes.
    But cheers to peppermint schnapps and sleep training.
    -Dr. Z

  • Anne McD

    After my fourth baby, my (Catholic/Pro-life) OBGYN asked me what kind of NFP we were using. I then ran through every thing from what what we got in marriage prep through something new after each subsequent baby. When she asked what I thought the problem with these were, I thought for a second and said, “God loves babies, and I really like my husband.” 😉

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