Is this thing on?

How’s this for a modern day cliche: A mommy blogger walks into her home office – maybe you have one of those and call it by it’s alternate title of “dining room?” you so fancy – and starts a podcast.


It seemed like the natural progression, and more importantly, the right thing to do with a new baby in the house. Because there’s noΒ need for background music with the delicate soundtrack of intermittent screaming and flushing toilets.

So Mama Needs Coffee: the Podcast. Coming soon to iTunes, and to a mobile device or desktop near you.

I’m thinking current events, personal stories, and some mild mannered political analysis (I see you, GOP debate 2night, thx Julie) with the occasional guest co-host. But the reason I’m telling you about it today, before I’ve recorded a single episode, is because I’m wiiiiiiide open to suggestions.

Sound like fun? Leave me all your best ideas and most burning questions in the comments, I’m all e-ars.

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