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Still Beautiful {guest post}

Handing the reins over today to the beautiful DIY queen Sheena of Bean in Love, another FUS friend and the mama to 3 lovely little people who are almost always impeccably dressed thanks to mom’s designer’s eye and handiness. (Seriously, check out her IG). Thanks for filling in, Sheena!


Hey all!  When Jenny and I were typing/chatting about what I could throw down over here she mentioned maybe writing about how I handle three toddlers (we two 3 year olds and one 1.5 year old) and I gave a hearty laugh-out-loud because, while we are all surviving and it might look like I know how to get things done with three littles underfoot, most days I look like a chicken about to be dinner and in need of a drink.  I have zero words of wisdom and truly I think it’s luck that we’re all still sane some days.  Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration but what I’m really saying is that there are lots more seasoned moms (like Jenny!) who are much more qualified to be giving advice on raising little humans.  I can say though that I really love what I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way…except if I was rich maybe I’d hire a mothers’ helper or six.

So anyway, I blog over at Bean in Love about stuff I do and make on a really tight budget.

Sometimes I use free things like leaves from our front yard as decor.  And sometimes I use weeds.  Yep.  Sometimes.  Like the time when I needed something “living” to fill a vase near the kitchen sink and I needed it quick before the kids woke up and all my cleaning efforts for the sake of a quality photograph were destroyed.

The weeds:


I expected them to survive the night after the picture was taken and no longer but they survived for over a week.  And, and, they mysteriously folded their leaves in at night which was equal parts mystifying, creepy, and uber cool.





After watching their impressive show for a couple of nights, I went to the all-knowing Google to figure out what exactly these creatures were and found out that they are so called “Chamberbitter”.

Not that you care in the least what they’re called but I just thought I’d share in case you want to go hunt for some Chamberbitter in your own backyard.  Though they be but weeds, they are pretty and they’ve got a lot of life in them post-pull.

Kinda like us humans, right?  We are but lowly weeds going through life hoping to someday spread our sprigs wide in the paradisiacal garden we know to be heaven.

We’re all different – some are tall, some are short, some produce flowers, some don’t.  Some weeds live short lives; others live long lives.  They’re hated among gardeners and farmers because they can quickly usurp gardens and fields.  They carry with them a stigma because of that reason that they are not wanted, not good enough, not beautiful, not productive, not worthy.  They’re not even given the time of day; not gazed upon lovingly, just uprooted and tossed in the burn pile.  That’s how we feel we’re treated by the world sometimes, isn’t it?  That we’re not good enough.  Not good enough to even be given a chance but just tossed aside in favor of something supposedly better and more beautiful.

But we are beautiful, each and every one of us.  Regardless of what the world tells us about our qualities and about who we are, we are incredible.  As it turns out, this Chamberbitter weed I found in our backyard is actually used medicinally in South America to treat kidney stones.  Crazy, huh?  Use those God-given talents my friends and keep soaking up the light and grace of the Son and one day God will pluck us from this earth and He’ll put us in our own special vase where our beauty will be on display for all to see.  And no one will ever know that we were once lowly weeds.



  • Mary Keane

    All I wanted to say is your kitchen is oh, so very beautifully blindingly white. Is it like cooking in a snowdrift? A warm pretty snowdrift?

    • Sheena

      I’ve never thought of a snow drift while in there cooking Mary but usually all I’m thinking while I’m cooking is how much I hate cooking! Haha! But really I’m glad you appreciate the white at first glance because I had to really convince my better half that it would look so great in the end while in the process of brightening it! 🙂

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