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4th time’s a charm

Just popping in to introduce y’all to a little someone.

Actually, he’s not that little.

Clocking in just shy of 9 pounds and pulling some memorable shenanigans during 2+ weeks of prodromal labor plus 13 hours of the real thing, I’d like to introduce you to my newest little son.


3 boys!

Luke Maximilian Uebbing, born at 2:19 pm on August 14th, the feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe. 8 lbs 15.5 oz 21 inches and devastatingly handsome with the now-familiar blue eyed+blonde hair combo. He is a wonderful, wonderful baby who enjoys nursing, sleeping, and making occasional guinea pig noises. He has cried 4 times thus far in his life, each corresponding with actual drawing of his blood, so I think he’s either real chill or real tough. What a combo.


We’re both healthy and happy and can’t wait to get home to a real bed without overnight visitors and vital checks. So, ahem, turns out I still don’t like lingering at hotel hospital.

Though the ice is top quality. And we’ve had an endless string of amazing nurses, including a long-lost friend from high school who popped in as I was nearing completionย and stuck around for the main event, because nothing says “let’s catch up” like a front row seat to childbirth.

You guys, I can’t wait to tell you the whole story, but I’m closing in on scary levels of sleep deprivation. Luke, on the other hand, is blissfully napping between nursing sessions and just generally being an amazing baby. Also, he has a faux hawk. That’s 4 for 4 on the heartburn-to-hollywood-mane ratio scale.


St. Luke, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and Mother Mary, pray for us!


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