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See girl run

I realized after bumping into a few readers recently that I’ve not shared specifically on the blog how Evie is doing these days, so I thought an update was in order.


In short? (like what I did there?) She’s doing great. She started walking in earnest on Father’s Day, 4 days after her first session with the early intervention in-home PT, and she “graduated” last Friday, after only 3 sessions. Because when our sweet therapist Jean Marie showed up for her session, Evie ran out the front door and down the steps along with her brothers to say hi.

She’s still super teeny and not taking home any height or weight trophies, but she’s fast. Seems like we went from zero/”I’m going to have to carry her forever” to 60/”there she goes for the street” almost overnight. Because she did, little stinker.

She’ll be 19 months this week, so she’s definitely our latest walker, but she’s talking up a storm, eats like a horse, and would probably literally eat a horse, because she’s alllll about that protein.

She has started to do this maddeningly cute thing where she shuts herself into the bathroom to dirty her diaper in private, but looks at me like I’m an idiot when I put her on the potty chair. (And I am an idiot, I know. There’s no way I’m getting out of 2 in diapers this time around.)

She’s also our worst Mass attendee, unless grandma is there, in which case she winks at me, flips me the baby bird, and then passes out in her arms for an hour.

Her favorite pastimes include stripping off her shoes and socks and any other accessible layers, jumping into wading pools fully clothed, “helping” empty the dishwasher, and tormenting her brothers with her incredible capacity for lego destruction. She’s also really, really into animals. She was barking convincingly at a giant labradoodle at the park this morning and honestly, the dog looked nervous.

She’s super into my huge belly and likes to pull my shirt up and slap (hard!) yelling “baby baby BABY!” Since she also likes to (gently) slap her 7 month old cousins, I’m wondering how next month is going to go.

Thanks for everyone who has prayed for her and offered suggestions and wisdom over the past year and a half. As it is, we’re still scheduled for a growth hormone stimulation test in December, but I’m not really that worried now with all the motor milestones and language, so we may not even go through with it unless her doctors think it’s important. Looks like we may just have a fly shorty on our hands, after all.

Hey, somebody has to dress well in this family.



  • Ashley

    Hooray!! So happy to get an Evie update. As a PT myself, she’s been in my thoughts and prayers. Kids are so funny – they’re just going to do things on their own schedule. We can encourage here and there, but there’s just no forcing a kid to do what a kid doesn’t want to do. So glad she’s healthy, and her milestones are flying by. I have a son just 2 months older than Evie – who’s been running/climbing/crazy since 9 months but is just barely starting to talk now. People jokingly accused me of “PTing” him into early mobility. I just laughed. Nope – that’s just what he wants to do.

    Also – Evie’s hair is ridiculously cute. So long! She looks like a itty bitty teenager.

  • Colleen Martin

    She is so so so cute!! She doesn’t look skinny to me, she is well proportioned (this coming from a mom worried about the weight of my baby too). And my first born walked at 18 months too – and he’s a tall, active 12 year old now. Go Evie, you do things your way girl!

  • Cami

    Go, Evie, Go! I’m thinking our petite sweet may follow a similar pattern. She weighed in at 11 lbs yesterday at a week shy of 5 mo. But happy as can be and reaching all her milestones. I’m in favor of letting little ones blossom on their own as they usually get there in their own time.

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