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Resting vs. nesting: what kind of third trimest-er are you?

This pregnancy has been hands down the toughest physically, but only as of about a month ago. If you’d have asked me in the springtime how I was handling quattro bing’s gestation I would have assured you it was no big deal, really. And I would have been telling the truth!

Aside from the endless rounds of sinus woes and bronchitis that seemed to plague much of the northern hemisphere this past winter, I had almost zero pregnancy complaints of the physical variety. I don’t get morning sickness, just a touch of meat aversion, and my 1st and 2nd trimesters were pretty much like “baby? what baby?

I think I even obnoxiously gloated/wondered aloud on FB over having gained only 4 lbs in 19 weeks.



Suffice it to say things have sped up in both the weight gain department (oh em GGGGGGGGGEEEEE how they’ve sped) and the realm of physical taxation. I grunt when I rise and when I collapse to sleep. I leave things on the floor from time to time because it’s not worth it. I sit constantly, and then I get up because sitting all the time really hurts your back, it turns out. And the 2 miles or so I can limp along on the treadmill some nights actually make me feel so much worse, physically, that my gymtendence has dropped to 2-3 times per week. And that’s with PRIME new episodes all over HGTV, plus free babysitting.

In other words, I’ve arrived, prematurely, at the end of my procreative rope.

Yesterday I wept in a King Sooper’s parking lot, inside the store itself, and then copiously in my bed in a large pile of very, very hot mess which my very, very wonderful husband scooped up with soothing back pats and kleenex.

And there’s a good month and a half till d day. So, why all the complaining? Why am I not offering it all up like a good little soldier?

Well, I’m trying. But I’m also like, there have got to be other women who feel this way. And who are routinely sacrificing what could be precious rest + recharge time in favor of spray painting everything and rearranging the entire house.

So my question to you, gentle reader? Where does the last leg of preg leave you? Limping along armed with a can of Krylon and doing all the home decorating your hefty little heart can handle? Or passed out on the couch under a bag of ice, counting the minutes until bedtime. Or maybe a combo?

Oh, since you didn’t ask, here are some nursery pictures because I’ve been burning what little energy I have during the daylight hours mothering my existing exterior brood, writing, and rehabbing thrifted rejects into a not-quite-but-so-close-to-Pinterest-worthy nursery.


Okay, now drop your expectations so they’re commensurate with a $150 budget and a fourth born child who will be arriving into a rental house.

Now are you ready?


First up we have the Shermag glider I snagged from Craig, washed the h out of (even the interior cushions. Stupid. And yet…the stank of an entire bottle of Febreeze doused by the seller has just about abated. So maybe not so stupid?). I paid $100 for it and it’s the dreamiest rocking experience I’ve ever known. I love how high the arms are for maximum nursing support, though I’m strongly tempted to load up on Whole Food’s finest ($10!!) formula and call it a day. Strongly.

See that sweet little rabbit? A gift from my sister in law, newly repatriated from a 3 year stint in Cambodia. Doesn’t he look like a little asian velveteen rabbit?

And the boys surrendered their decoupaged (not by me. So not.) saint dresser which baby will be grateful for, since it’s the ultimate diaper changing station + linen closet + dresser.

Found the deflated Pottery Barn pad cover atop it at Saver’s this week for $1, now I’m just waiting for Amazon to drone me the changing pad itself and we’ll be solid.

furnitureNext up? The crib (given to us by another family in our parish small group – so generous and already assembled. Except, um, we had to pretty much dissemble it in the hallway because babe, it will totally fit down the hallway and around that 90 degree corner, let’s just try…at 9 pm on Father’s Day, no less. Wifey of the year up in here.

main view

Cute, huh? I’m telling myself the mismatched wood tones are super chic. And yes the evil drop side, such danger, much reckless. Got it.

The bedding is the same we’ve used for all three kids, purchased by my sweet MIL when Joey was still an unknown gender ? in my womb. And I stole the cute jute rug from Genevieve’s abode.

While this room looks fairly manly, I promise to throw some lavender in there if baby comes out with lady parts, but I’m strongly leaning towards XY right now, and I think it shows in the decor. And in my insatiable weight gain + related cravings for Salsa Verde Doritos dipped in hydrochloric acid.

Moooooving on.

This piano bench? Sewing table? Preschool altar? was $9.99, also at Saver’s, and I was quite taken with its svelte legs and hinged, opening top. I envisioned stashing my phone/kindle/granola bars/prayer materials in there for handy access during nursing sessions. $8 worth of spray paint and some light distressing and it turned out pretty cute, don’t you think?

nursery tableLast but not least, all your fine recommendations and hearty endorsements convinced me and my aching back that the Maxi Cosi was the way to go, so I’m now the proudest owner of this little black number, which is easily 5 pounds lighter than the Graco dinosaur in our garage.


(On a related note, anyone in Denver want a 3 year old Graco red/grey model with 2 bases? Free to a mediocre home)

And that’s the nursery, in under a thousand words and 10 grainy pictures. I’d still love to put some flowing white drapes up to frame out the skinny window, but other than that I’m supremely satisfied with it and can’t wait to plop a fat baby directly into that crib on our first night home from hotel hospital.


Next on my nesting agenda: attacking baseboards, steam cleaning all the carpets, and keeping a wary eye for anything that looks remotely in need of a fresh coat of spray paint. And maybe a bath.


  • Cami

    My 3 pregnancies have essentially been the same… Nauseous on and off all day most of the pregnancy with a lull halfway through second trimester and then a mild return in 3rd trimester. Food aversions to meats and raw veggies. Weight gain all over the place! Still haven’t lost it all from any pregnancy. Feeling the shame here over that. Fatigue, achiness, insane heartburn (as in choking/gagging on acid), headaches, heightened allergies, blurry vision (especially upon waking), and more. So, my heart goes out to you, Jenny! Know you have my prayers. And I’ve never really nested a nursery because we never had the space for one. And hubby doesn’t really get it. I mostly nested in my head. In fact we sold a bunch of stuff to move and this last baby when I mentioned we needed a new glider he questioned if we really needed it. I had to remind him how we rock the baby all.the.time. Thanks to Hubby for trusting me and to Costco for a nice replacement.

  • Lynelle

    So funny, I was just thinking tonight that each time I’m close to having a baby my decorating goes on overdrive. Especially in the buying furniture department. Today I was trolling Craigslist looking for a coffee table (because of course I won’t have the energy to look for one for another 6+ months!) and since we found out what we’re having for the first time I’ve been decorating the baby’s room which I’ve NEVER done before! It’s nice to know that by getting things checked off the list now I can sit on my butt with a sweet baby in my arms and appreciate the hard work!

    • Candace

      I am 32 weeks with number 4 and I am DONE!! I am barely keeping the kids clean and fed. The muscle pain in my lower body is just exhausting. The heat in the south is just exhausting. The stupid swim lessons that my pregnancy brain thought would be a
      Good idea are just exhausting. Walking and breathing feel like more than I can handle! Then I get these bursts of nesting energy and “get stuff done” and then I pay for it with exhaustion. Lol!

  • Elizabeth

    We have almost the same nursery! Thrifted glider? Check. Drop-side hand-me-down crib? Check. Gender-ambiguous polka dot crib sheet? Check. Mismatched wood tones? Check. But what, oh what is a decopaged saint dresser? Majorly jealous of that gem.

  • Gigi

    Praying for you!!! Just from your post I can see the Holy Spirit working through you !! I can’t even begin to imagine how tired you are, but just know that you are a Superwoman, and God is most definitely giving you two (larger than life) thumbs up because you’re doing so much even though you feel so terribly. Have a great holiday weekend!!!

  • kharking

    I’m due with #4 in 10 days and I just finished packing everyone for the birth center and overnights with grandparents. I do the five months of nausea followed by two months of ok followed by two+ months of aches and contractions so my nesting tends to occur around 30-33 weeks. Which is why I have a half painted master bathroom that I started before a round of spring colds (why? seriously, why?) and now won’t have the energy to finish until next November or so.

    • Cami

      I think baby’s size does make a difference. My 1st baby was born at 6lbs, 7oz and although I gained a lot of weight at the end, I was doing handstands in the swimming pool with him in utero. But babies 2 (9lbs, 3oz) and 3 (8lbs, 4oz) were heavy loads and there were absolutely no handstands happening with those buns in the oven.

  • Mandi

    Oh shoot! I just bought a car seat and bases or I would have loved yours! Sometimes it bites you to be over prepared.

    I am sitting at 5 lbs gained at 22 weeks and was thinking that meant maybe I’d stay on the low side but…maybe not? I suppose we shall see.

    I have a vanity I want to repaint (and recover the bench) to make into a sewing table and I’m thinking that might be a good their trimester project. But I definitely was a rested first time around but I was all over a lot more of a tester in life in general and now I’m much more of a doer all the time so I’m thinking I’ll need some projects.

  • Colleen Martin

    Oh man, Jenny, the end is so so tough! As you know, but I just want to empathize with you. The fourth pregnancy was hard for me too, I think because all your (and mine at the time) other kids are so little and needy and demanding. Once you’re pregnant with number 6 or so, the older ones are actually amazing helpers! Hang in there, I’m praying you go early and fast (but not too fast!)

  • Beth

    I will totally agree that baby #4 did a doozey on me. Hardest pregnancy by far! By the time I was 6 weeks out, two of my ribs had separated from where they’re supposed to connect in the back (thanks, hormones!) and I was sleeping in the recliner every night because getting in and out of my bed was impossible. And, like you, the first two trimesters had been easy peasy! God bless you and Quattro Bing. May your labor and delivery be swift and boring.

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