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Originally I thought this might be a weekly thing, but I kind of like the randomness of dropping it on you guys here and there. So, this week’s edition brought to you by one grumpy post-op 4 year old (ear tubes in, adenoids out), a hotter than hell mid July in the Mile High city, and the general malaise of late-but-not-yet-late-enough-to-be-excited pregnancy.

All the excuses, be mine.

1. I found this piece really consoling and convicting and, oddly, hopeful. It’s about how pride really is the deadliest sin and it lists out some subtle ways it can manifest.

2. I know you’re sick of hearing the rants about Planned Parenthood, but I feel a moral obligation to keep the indignation stoked, at least in my own apathetic heart. Here’s Cici Richard’s best efforts at the nopology, basically excusing the good doctor captured munching kale and talking fetal dismemberment for using “inappropriate” language. Also, gush gush gush, lie, redirect, and finally, “we do mammograms, you know” (no, they don’t.)

3. In other words? #sorrynotsorry. And nobody is surprised.

4. I always love reading Grace’s birth stories, but this one takes the cake if only because she handily included a template which I can print off and laminate for my own delivery-room comfort. Oddly enough, I found myself googling “drug-free births after epidurals” for a good hour yesterday afternoon, either because I’m crazy or I’m fearing a precipitous 4th delivery. Option a is much more likely than option b, especially given my track record of 19 hours, 12 hours, 28 hours. I might as well resign myself to the lucky chronological lottery (aka Divine Providence) that landed me smack in the 21st century, since I fancy myself a likely candidate for death-by-childbirth. Drugs it is.

5. This little boy was a real man. God, have mercy.



  • AthenaC

    Re: #2 and #3 – I always struggle with big scandals like this because I feel compelled to say SOMETHING in spite of (because?) my very small audience is primarily pro-choice atheistic types. But what to say? Our respective frames of reference are so far apart. But what this lady did was perfect –

    Simple, sweet, to-the-point.

    Re #5 – that is heartbreaking. Makes me so angry at those people that killed him.

  • Amy Caroline

    I delivered 3 of my babies without an epidural and the other 6 with. You can do it! I actually prefer my births without the epi. I had a few scares which threw me off of them for good.
    God bless!!

    • Cami

      Yes, Amy! I’m so with you! I delivered my 3 without meds. It can be done. I just needed someone to tell he I could do it, and I started believing in myself. Bradley method breathing has been the most helpful to me as well as staying active at home and laboring mostly there and then staying the heck out of the hospital bed. It just slows my labor down. Jenny, not sure where you’re delivering but Parker Adventist has a labor tub which was very helpful to me. I had a looooong early labor this last baby (19 hrs) and then went from 5cm (jumped in the tub here) to baby coming out full throttle with no pushing needed… just an hour later. And that’s how Emily was born on the floor next to the labor tub. YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Cami

    Jenny, I’m so curious about your opinion on this. Many (not all) of the hidden pride areas listed in the pride article I have found to be rooted in woundedness in myself or others. So where is the threshold of acting in a way due to past wounds vs. acknowledging sinful choices in pride. I hope I’m making sense here with a foggy, sleep deprived brain. I’m trying to determine the difference between not choosing pride but acting out due to brokenness as opposed to choosing to sin with pride.

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