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Coffee Clicks {volume 5}

Taking an early weekend here to baby moon while a. I’m still at the not-quite-sleeping-in-the-recliner stage of pregnancy so hotel bed = bliss and b. my college-aged sisters are around to toss a baby or 3 to for the night. So we’re trotting out in high style for 24 hours of downtown Denver luxury and I’m giving you a web-wide roundup a whole day early. Party hats and fireworks.

Speaking of baby mooning and leaving kids behind in general, I tend (vvvvvery much to my surprise) to be somewhat of an anxious mother traveler. So every time we’ve left any arrangement of the children behind, I tend to vacillate between remote helicopter parenting via text message and actual panic attacks in the hotel room. So we’ve hit on the perfect and budget-friendly solution: the in-town stay cation. We get a full night’s sleep in pitch dark, climate controlled luxury, and my neurosis is inexplicably laid to rest by my immediate proximity (within 30 minutes or so) to the children.

Crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it. But hey! No airport security.

This week felt like it was all about con.tro.versy on the internet, but I found some super interesting related content for y’all’s clicking pleasure. And there was some uplifting stuff in there, too. Here’s what I’ve rounded up:

1. Dan Burke over at the Register does a bang up job explaining with humility and great charity why it is so essential to be docile to the Holy Spirit’s movement within the Church and to always, always “be more attached to the work of God Himself,” whether or not He has in fact worked through brokenness or outright evil to reach you. Because He’s God, and He can totally do that.

2. I’m loving everything Jen Fitz is writing lately, and wondering why I’ve not heard much of her until now. Clear, concise, and convicting. My favorite trifecta. (Fr. Robert Barron has a really excellent piece on Laudauto Si, too. Bonus click for you.)

3. I sobbed – ugly tears – while I watched this kickstarter vid. I’m betting my next 3 visits to Starbucks you will, too.

4. My minivan, formerly a source of mild humiliation and unusual smells, can now boast an impressive curated collection on par with an Ivy League institution. Ahem. It was intentional, I’m sure.

5. I’m really thankful to Brianna for saying what she did about racism, about the reality of living a life of white privilege in a privileged and white part of the United States, and how perhaps the most troubling thing to come in the aftermath of the mass murders in Charleston has been the … silence. Just, silence. Because people don’t know what to say? Because it’s too politically charged? Because there’s too much else that’s evil in the world to distract us? I’m glad I got distracted by her piece earlier today.


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  • Mallory

    I loved that video. I live down the street from a care home and I really want to take my son to visit the residents. I’ve tried twice to become a volunteer, with no success. That video reminded me to keep trying. Thanks for sharing…and enjoy your baby moon!

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