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A useful primer for deciphering newspeak, 2015 edition

In light of recent current events leading to a massive explosion of highly effective and cordial debate across all channels of social media, I thought I’d take the time to instruct the confused or under-informed media consumer with this handy guide to understanding the new meanings of words.

(Note: All definitions are subject to change at will, depending upon personal emotional state, hormonal fluctuations, and whether or not the Bachelorette is airing in primetime.)

*Bigot: someone with whom you disagree
*Hate speech: bigot’s (see above) differing opinion
*Intolerance: the bigot’s refusal to concede to your point of view
*Civil debate: unfriending/blocking/reporting someone on social media
*Love: unconditional agreement/concession to your clearly superior point of view
*Science: appeal to invisible/ambiguous higher authority to extinguish further debate

Hope this helps!

Oh, and a few late entries:

*terrorist: your college roommate who attends a repressively orthodox church

*KKK cooperator: that guy you knew in grad school who had the audacity to marry a woman and then last Friday, changed his profile picture to a portrait from his wedding day

*hater: dismissive term meant to shut down further discussion and/or call out a dissenting bigot (see above) on Twitter, hopefully for the purpose of catching his immediate supervisor’s attention and jeopardizing his job

Finally, this video is just really, really good.


  • Becky

    This is good. 🙂 I had a question… With same sex marriage photos showing up on fb and possible “marriage” invites coming how do we proceed to be loving Catholics? Go, not go? Comment, not comment? Gift, no gift? Is there anyway to say I am glad you have a loving friendship as we are all called to have, i love you two, but I can’t condone even a civil marriage of this kind? (Imagine the greeting card section, Catholic compassionate response and recognition of civil marriage occurrence)

    • Becky

      Never mind, found some good links, unfortunately it looks like people are just going to be mad because we can’t separate our civil self from our spiritual self. I guess I hope I don’t have to anger anyone I love too much in the future.

  • Cami

    Another to add to “love”: agreeing with someone’s choices and actions even though they may be harmful to that person and others around them; enabling

  • Cami

    The video is just… Wowzers, so good and clear, and something I wish we could broadcast in places like Times Square where everyone can hear if. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much for your recent posts on these issues. I don’t have a blog, but at a time like this, I kind of wish I did. You are doing a great job of portraying our Catholic viewpoint. Thank you!!

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