Coffee clicks {Volume 4}

Haaaaaaappy Friday. We’re keeping our heads above water over here as the resident 4 year old counts down the hours until school lets out for the summer (because, um, school is taxing to him at his tender age? The overwhelming pressure of producing yet another tempera paint masterpiece for Mommy to throw away enshrine in his scrapbook? Who knows.) and I’m counting down similarly, but for a different reason.

Anyway guys, here’s some curated clicks for your reading pleasure. We’re finally seeing sun in the Rockies, so rather than writing something of substance for you today, I’ve abdicated my responsibility to the internet. If anyone need me I’ll be drinking black coffee on the back deck and watching the children, in varying stages of undress, move paver stones from one side of the yard to the other. A kind of Montessori-meets-Waldorf fusion, that’s what we set our mile high sights on in this family.

1. This first piece had me almost in tears, and was a side of things I’ve – regrettably – not spent much time thinking about. But assisted reproductive technology comes at a high cost to all parties involved, not just the disposable embryos and heartbroken (and sometimes broke) would-be parents.

2. A great glimpse into the …. confusion …. with which many liberal-leaning Catholics view the issue of gay “marriage.”

3. And a rebuttal to the above, from the most unlikely of sources: a gay atheist.

4. This piece, excerpted from Rob Lowe’s memoir, gave me all the momfeels.

5. Ashley is so sweet and I loved her thoughts on how to be a better social media friend/small business champion/blog reader. Definitely be tucking a few of her recommendations under my (elastic) belt.

Have a lovely, sunny, free-from-extreme weather weekend, friends.



  • Kaitlin @ More Like Mary

    Sobbing at my kitchen table reading Rob Lowe’s words. Trying to get it together enough to go nurse my newborn little boy. Thanks for finding that one.

  • Becky

    Thanks for sharing these articles. My older sister who is “Christian” at funerals but agnostic every other moment is considering donating her eggs. (She has some large loans from buying a house, car, going to college, and trying to do too much right away). I shared that one with her. Please, please pray for her. Also the liberal-leaning Catholic article is so spot on: that Catholicism is about a relationship with God pursued through the sacraments. My in-laws went through that exact transition from the Church is a social work organization to basically spirituality that is modified Buddhism practiced privately. We constantly get “Can you believe that the Church did/said _____?” My husband has finally started to let them know that we buy in the the Church 100%. Something that is a bit awkward to do after a night of free babysitting. I would love to see some writing somewhere about “How to honor your mother and father while honoring the Father first” or “how to protect your kids from their beloved but spiritually misguided grandparents, aunts, and uncles.” Finally yet totally unrelated, any tips for the toy pile from your “Montessori-meets-Waldorf fusion?”

  • Jess

    Hey Jenny, I’m going to follow Rachel’s lead and leave you a comment 🙂 I’m not sure if I’ve commented before or not … either way, thank you for writing about faith and Truth, and for doing so with courage and often a lot of sensitivity … and some much-appreciated lols. I am sure you have provoked quite a few thoughts over the years and that’s a beautiful thing! And I wish you all the very best with little no.4 and will offer up some prayers especially in the PPD area. So, thank you! And may God bless your family, your writing and yourself 🙂

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