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Promotions and Upgrades

I already shared with you guys the crazy news about my promotion to Catholic News Agency/EWTN, which should be fully in effect (read: new site will be live) the first week of February.

As these things often go, technical details abound and so it might be a little bit past the projected start date when things come on line. But then, anything good is worth waiting for, right?

Evie concurs. Or at least, she’ll get there.

See, she’s been promoted, too (along with her older brothers, who are already veterans in the role), and while we’ve been given a tentative start date for her new position to take effect, God only knows the precise timing.

Probably you see where this is going?

(It’s also the reason I may be a tad behind on my comments and emails. But you’ll forgive a tired, pregnant blogger, won’t you?)

Baby Bing #4, debuting sometime early August. God is good.


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