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I don’t know about you guys, but I always love seeing who other bloggers are reading. I haven’t updated ye olde sidebar blogroll in…uh, ever, actually, but I do have a fat handful of regular reads that I’d like to share, though I’m guessing you’re already all over lots of them.

So, I present to you in no particular order, my regulars.

First up, my pick for girl most likely to be my bff/ person I’d most love to sit down to a beer with: Bonnie. (Don’t be creeped out Bonnie, it’s just that, I love you.) I always click if she has something new, because she always manages to be classy, forward (but not too forward, you know? Like me, for example), charitable, funny as hell, and real.

Best fashion blogger/I needed to laugh: Duh, it’s Grace. And because she’s always mucho self deprecating and all kinds of humble, I don’t even hate her for looking like a teenage supermodel, 4 mewling babes notwithstanding.

Best life in the trenches/sprinkles of profound faith: Ana. Plus, we knew each other in real life, first! (Remember when I crashed your wedding Ana? I mean yes, technically I was invited, but I think I RSVP’d like one week out? And then came as they third wheel to my sister and (now) brother-in-law, because I’d just gotten dumped. Charmed, I’m sure she was.) Oh, Imma add Kathryn to this category too, as a late entry, because my brain failed. Her stuff during her sweet boy’s NICU stay is especially poignant.

Best photography/design/boy mom stories: Carolyn. Love her stuff. And she’s also a resident maternal supermodel, but again with the humility and grace.

Most supportive “we got this”/here’s how you DIY it: Jenna. Can’t believe I forgot her!

Favorite crunchy mama. Well this one’s a toss up. I love Nell and Haley both so much, and I think it’s incomplete to call either of them “crunchy” so I think I’ll go with eclectically organic with a heaping side of orthodoxy. Both so fascinating and wise. Nell gets extra points for being the cheerleader of the entire internet, and mad props to Haley for her sick social media guru skills (I participated in one of her FB parties once and holy interactive, batman.) So, it’s a tie.

Most likely to make me look around and sigh, wishing she were sitting in my living room drinking coffee (or wine) and watching Downton Abbey with me: Christy. Love her writing, can’t believe how much she reads, and can’t fathom the length of her winters.

Blogger I wish would post more frequently: oh gosh, this one’s another tie. Kaitlin and Regina are both two of my favorites, and are both so busy and important they never have time for my blog reading pleasure. Ahem, ladies.

Most underrated Catholic blogger: Michele. And I don’t mean underrated like “nobody reads her and they need to be, “(though if you’re not, you do need to be!) but just that she seems to fly under the radar and her stuff is so, so good. She’s also a published author so prooooobably she is focusing her energy on loftier stuff than blogging, but when she takes the time to write, you are never sorry you clicked over. Plus her daughters are darling.

Favorite local blogger: New-to-me fellow Denverite Megan. Love her writing, love her story, love her solidarity as I boycott Target and salvage our family finances.

Experienced (read: doesn’t wring her hands and sob at bedtime every night daddy works late) mother I’d most like to apprentice to. Jen or Hallie. Really either of them could teach me everything I ever needed to know about not losing my damn mind in the next decade or so, I believe. Colleen would probably also slap some sense into me.

Sporty blog: I love Susan and her beautiful reflections on motherhood and running and being a rockstar wife.

Living faith: Molly. She handles the gritty, non-always-easy and sometimes makes your throat catch. But always beautiful.

Unknown(ish): Kristine’s is a blog I’ve been creeping for years, I think I found her originally through Jen’s old blog, but I honestly can’t remember. Anyway she has 4 beautiful babies, runs ultra marathons and dresses like a runway model so…I can’t look away. Also, minimalism + clean eating. Can’t get enough.

Fav non-Catholic blog: another one I’ve been reading literally for years and years is NieNie’s. She’s LDS and definitely super into it, but I just skim the heavy religious posts, and honestly, her commitment to her faith and her family is admirable. Also, her clothes/house/kids/pics are stunning. She and her husband survived a horrific plane crash a few years ago and she’s a burn survivor with an amazing comeback story.

Smartest blog: probably Anne. Her curated content is so interesting. I like Joanna too, but some of her stuff is morally questionable.

Fav male blogger: I don’t read hardly any man blogs (sorry guys?) but I do like Daniel’s and Dan’s.

My political muse(s): Julie. Or maybe Mary. Gah, another toss up. Both are so smart and witty and generous in their coverage of “the other side.” You’ll be a better person for reading them.

Home decor: love the Nester. I really like Ashley’s stuff too, and Caitlin’s.

Girls I just want to close down the bar with: Kate. And Steph. And Katrina. And Lisa. And Cari. And Dwija. And Rosie. And Kelly. Okay, pretty much everyone on the aforementioned list.

Can I just tack a few more on here? I mean, who can remember the entire internet? Okay cool: Olivia,  AnneKendraMary, Agnes, Cam, Christine . . . (dot dot dot, because I’m sure I’ll think up a few more.)

I’m sorry if I missed anyone! I tried to retrace my frequent trolling steps so I’ll have to come back and add to this list if I encounter any omissions, because dang this got long, and my back hurts from siting, and the friggin Patriots just won and the friggin Seahawks are currently winning. Blergh.

Anyone you love who I’d love?


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