31 Days of Writing with the Nester

We interrupt this series for a PSA {and an apology}

Okay, it’s October 13th (what????) and I’ve got nearly 2 ambitious weeks of blogging my way through the Catholic Church’s teaching’s on sex and marriage under my belt, and that feels awesome.

What does not feel awesome, however, is how over extended I am. This week’s calendar is peppered with dr.’s appointment, editing and writing deadlines, interviews, meetings, and, oh yes, child rearing. So, SO…I have to make some choices.

I’m not going to stop writing this series, because you guys, the response has been phenomenal. Like 3-4 thousand hits per post, easy. Clearly you want to read this. Or at least debate this.

So here’s my promise to you:

I promise to keep going, to write almost every day (I’ve missed 2 out of 13 so I’m trying to be realistic) and to write to the specific and challenging topics you’ve asked about: (IVF, fertility treatments, vasectomies and condoms, etc.)

In return, if you guys could pretty please help me out in the combox by engaging people who are asking meaningful, genuine questions (and ignoring the bat shit crazies) that would be so great. I love getting comments, and I love reading them, but I have been so inundated with comments and emails and Facebook messages this month that literally I will be dead before I respond to them all. Not because there are that many (though there are hundreds) but because my soul with crumple up into a little ball of exhausted effort and simply keel over. I simply don’t have the emotional currency to do it all.

Digital evangelization is hard because it’s pretty one-sided. And even if you engage in what feels like a meaningful dialogue, it’s simply no replacement for a face-to-face. It doesn’t work the same way on a relational level, you know?

Anyway, if you left me a lovely or challenging or provocative (but reasonably so) comment or email and I haven’t responded yet, it’s not because I don’t care or don’t have an answer, it’s just because I threw my back out, one child is vomiting, and my house is crumbling into ruins around me while I miss deadline after deadline in my calendar. Just kidding. A tiny bit.

Though, if you are batshit crazy, it’s probably safe to say I don’t care, and you can probably stop holding your breath.

Thank you for your attentiveness, internet, and THANK YOU for reading. Please keep praying for the Synod and for families and couples you know (ahem, maybe in your own home) who are struggling heroically to live this stuff in a culture that opposes the very essence of Christianity: hope.

We are not without hope, thank you Jesus.

But my inbox is.

Over and out.


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