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Catholics Do What? (21 Days to Understanding the Catholic Church’s Teachings on Sex and Marriage)

One of the hardest parts about Catholicism is explaining it to other people. Especially those pesky “pelvic issues,” if you will.

We live in a sex-saturated culture, but not exactly a sexually literate one. So we spend lots and lots of time chatting about sex and having sex and looking at sex, but there is a relative lack of knowledge about the real thing.

Some of the hardest conversations, whether they take place from the pulpit or around the water cooler or the kitchen table, involve sex, marriage, contraception, homosexuality, and reproductive technologies.

I want to demystify some of these topics and try my best to put into laymen terms what the Church teaches in these areas, and why. This isn’t an exhaustive explanation of any of these issues, by any means, but I hope it’s a good starting point.

catholics do what

Day 1: What is marriage for?


Day 2: Why does the Catholic Church say no to gay “marriage?”


Day 3: What’s the deal with IVF?


Day 4: Why do Catholics have so many kids?


Day 5: “I’m contracepting because I’m being responsible”


Day 6: Why can’t Catholics get married outdoors?


Day 7: I’ve made a mistake, now what?


Day 8: Are we all a little over-sexed?


Day 9: Contraception and abortion: is there a connection?


Day 10: Why everybody loses when we sugarcoat NFP


Day 11: A little porn never hurt anybody


Day 12: Let’s talk about openness to life


Day 13: Suffer the children: the high cost of divorce


Day 14: When NFP is hard to swallow


Day 15: I’m Catholic, can I get a vasectomy?


Day 16: The modesty wars


Day 18: Gay “marriage” wars: maybe it’s just love


Day 19: Why the Catholic Church will never approve contraception


Day 20: Let’s be “done”


Day 21: Catholics, sex, and marriage: the elevator pitch



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