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You’re my best friend, internet

Well, maybe not the internet per se in its vast, personless impersonality, but you all, gentle readers, are absolutely top notch.

Thank you thank you thank you to to the moon and back for all the comments you left on yesterday’s only a little bit pathetic post. Truly made a mother’s day. I think yesterday afternoon through tonight were the very finest hours we’ve spent nursing, Evie and I, because for the first time since she got here, I wasn’t worrying about her size and how much she was consuming. It was nice. So thank you for that.

Thank you especially for the side-by-side comparisons of different sized kids from the same families and for kids who switched between breast and formula and didn’t cause a blip on the ‘ol growth chart. I really didn’t want to stop nursing her, but I was starting to wonder if I was causing her to suffer or endangering her future development or compromising her chances of making a good match later in life or…well you get the picture.

Love letter, over and out.

Oh! But I just remembered, I have another reason to smooch the web, and it’s because thanks to your savvy suggestions, I asked for and have indeed received promise of a shiny new FitBit. It will be here tomorrow. Much excitement. Many pounds displaced. So technology.

Finally, now that I can be sure it’s going to stick, I’m on day 7 of another Whole 30. Remember how the last one ended up? Yeah, we named her Genevieve. (Note: I’m not insinuating that the Whole 30 program leads to pregnancy, only that I happened to discover we were pregnant on about day 11 of our last attempt, and thus crashed and burned in savory flames of Nutella and Italian sour cream and onion Pringles.)

But anyway, day 7. One week in. And it isn’t terrible! I mean how can bacon wrapped dates ever be terrible? Okay, the no booze part is kind of terrible, but on the plus side (hopefully not the plus size) I’m so very clear headed and chipper in the mornings now. Do you know how much damage a single (ahem, healthy) glass of red wine in the evening does to a 31-year-old body upon waking the next morning? Lots, it turns out. But I digress.

My goal for this Whole 30 is simple: I want a healthier relationship with food. I want to lose the rest of my “baby weight,” and I don’t want to wake up every morning wishing to be knocked unconscious.  Also, I may have been tremendously inspired by Heather’s transformative efforts in the health and wellness department. Also, I bought some million dollar vitamins from a friend last month and am hoping to boost their magical powers.

With that I’ll bid you all a fond adieu and be off to the basement to my newly-relocated treadmill of delight. With this on my Kindle (it’s less than $5 right now!), because Jen said so.


    • Jenny

      Bacon and avocados like you wouldn’t believe. And I have this Arbonne chocolate protein powder which is probably not compliant somehow, but it’s vegan, GF and DF so I figured it was technically licit. And it keeps the sweeties at bay. I definitely noticed a SHARP drop off in the carb cravings (and carb flu) after day 5…

  • Amanda

    I missed your last post that you had comments for, but I am with you on wanting to shed the baby weight. We’re 17 months out (eep!) and it just seems harder this time around! You and Heather have been so encouraging! I have some friends doing the Whole 30 thing. I just heart my tortillas, toast, and bebidas to be all in. How’d you get past that part? Prayers for your journey! And, thank you for sharing it! This mama needs the encouragement!

  • Kris

    I did the Whole 30 a few months ago and did pretty well. I don’t feel like I dropped a bunch of weight, but it definitely made me feel better. Of course, now I’m back to my “bad” ways with carbs, etc. but trying to stay more healthy. It just stinks that you have to be SO diligent or you start sliding down the slippery slope pretty quickly. Sigh.

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