Walk-a-thon: Crushed it

That is, my husband crushed it, dark horse that he is. He knocked me out of the top spot by about 11,000 steps, which is basically an entire day’s worth of walking.

How he did it is another matter entirely.

It turns out my sneaky co-competitior was in the habit of, ahem, checking up on me and my step totals for the day, gleaned from a quick glance at my phone on his way out the door to the gym after bedtimes and dishes and the like.  He wasn’t technically cheating since lots of days I’d text him my count to mock/motivate him whilst he sat, desk bound, almost powerless to answer my numbers, but it sure was nice for him to have a goal to shoot for and then exceed every day.

So he beat me. But you know what? He felt kind of bad for being kind of unethical in his techniques…so he suggested we split the prize. $50 bucks instead of a hundred? Sounds okay to me. Because the hot pink FitBit Zip was also around $50…and I’d been eyeing it up since about week two when the glamor of sweating all over my iPhone had worn off and I was pretty sure I’d be contracting breast/hip/ovarian cancer in no time from the various places I like to stash the thing.

So thanks to a magnanimous spouse and Amazon prime, this little cutie was in my paws in 2 short days. And then, for another glorious 2 short days, it was mine…and how wonderful those days were! The first day I wore it I got 14,000 steps easily, so motivated was I. The second day was in the 11K range, but still respectable. And then on the third day, well…on the third day, we went to the “beach” at a nearby reservoir and I took it off my waistband and stowed it in the stroller pocket for safekeeping. And then we played, and then we de-sanded, and then we marched back to the car and loaded everything/one up, and then…


Something else got crushed:

Womp, womp.

Not the best way to blow $50.

Now I’m debating replacing it or just leveling up a couple more fifties for a sweet Craigslist treadmill. I love the gym near our house and the price can’t be beat…but I don’t love putting dainty princess Genevieve in the sometimes Lord of the Flies-esque kids’s club. I literally spend my entire workout having mini panic attacks about someone knocking her out of her stroller or an exersaucer …(crazycrazywho’dbelieveI’mnotafirsttimemom?) so, I think I’d get a better workout in our basement with minions circling me like attention-seeking piraƱas. Yes? No?

And I haven’t really lost any more weight since committing to the daily 10K steps, but committed I am, and I think I’m going to see long term results over the coming months because walking 5.5 miles per day is a lot, and I’m a lot more motivated to complete a ‘work out’ that requires neither immense exertion or specific 60 minute chunks of time. It just works, for now. Plus, my legs look great.

How about you walkers out there? And all you runners who emailed/commented with the secret of the century, which is that walking = weight loss while running only = running. Mind blown. How long have you kept up your routine? And how long before you saw results in the mirror?


  • Alzbeta

    I’m definitely a walker (I even once walked across the country!) Buuuut, not consistently this summer with all of our traveling. I do find I am a nicer mommy if I get to go on a walk, especially if it’s by myself – it does something good for my introverted self.

  • Tamara

    Jenny I think you should replace the Fitbit and plan on the treadmill for winter. As for me, I should strap my phone to my bra/hips/ovaries because I could use some extra motivation to waddle my pregnant self around the neighborhood.

  • Jennifer

    I have been loving your walkathon updates! You motivated me to recommit to my walking routine and even try a walk to Target/Starbucks/park. My thoughts on treadmill+kids? Bad, bad, bad if they’re “circling”. My hubs works on the burn unit at a hospital, and he sees TONS of kids who have serious burns from treadmills. So just unplug it when they’re around!

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