7QT: Unaccompanied minors, amazing customer service, and why my hideous redecoration of our little-used living room has me smiling so big

1. You know who’s awesome lately? The customer service industry. Or rather, two particular companies (FitBit and Timi & Leslie) which have been completely and utterly surprising in their responsiveness and kindness to a poor customer in need of service.

Exhibit A:

My beautiful diaper bag, purchased in a fit of hormonal indulgence at 37 weeks with Evie. I get compliments on its beauty at least twice a week, and nobody ever suspects it’s a diaper bag. But the material is pulling at this one teeny corner of the notleather and I was saddened and surprised. My last T&L bag lasted me 2 years, including one spent trotting back and forth to Italy, with no such signs of stress. I emailed the company, the asked for my receipt and a picture of the offending corner, and bada bing, a brand new bag is coming my way and I get to keep the “old” one. Sadly they have discontinued the color I loved and purchased it for, so it turns out my lucky little sister is probably the one getting a new diaper bag out of this situation, because none of these really struck my fancy. Shhhh.

2. I’ve also got an email in to the good peeps at FitBit, thanks to your lovely suggestions, and I’m feeling pretty optimistic about that whole situation, too. The week of retail redemption is at hand!

3. I’m getting so excited to meet all my Edel girls in just 2 short weeks! I’m also kind of in denial that I’m going to be getting a weekend “off,” albeit with a baby in hand and a mic in the other, but hey, one can’t accurately call any sort of trip a vacation once offspring have sprung, am I right?

4. I have gone ballistic decorating and rearranging my house ever since the Nesting Place burned up my Kindle a few weeks back, thanks to Jen’s recommendation. Steph says it well when she identified it as a shot of decorating heroin to the vein, or something along those lines.

Anywho, I’ve got a happy new edition resting comfortably in our living room that goes absolutely not at all with anything decor related, and yet when I behold its ugliness I smile to myself and whisper inaudibly It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. But what about the opposing corollary, it doesn’t have to be beautiful to be perfect? Copyrighting it.

Definitely not feng shui. And yet, perfect…

5. So yeah, I finally pulled my itching trigger finger on a Craigslist treadmill at long last after walking into the feral kid’s club at our gym Tuesday morning to retrieve my rat pack and had a few moments during which I could not locate the youngest member. Not in the stroller I’d wheeled in, not in the caretaker’s arms…oh, there she is… sitting on the bottom level of the soft play structure IN THE ARMS OF A RANDOM 5-YEAR-OLD GIRL. Just to clarify, my 6 month old daughter, who cannot sit up, was being held by a strange child. The daycare worker happily fetched the baby along with her accompanying brothers while my normally confrontational self stared dumbly, accepted the compromised baby without a word. (Don’t worry, I picked my jaw up off the floor and called the front desk after I got home. But still.) Needless to stay, Evie’s kid’s club days are over until she turns 4 or gains 20 lbs, whichever happens first.

6. I just finished reading C.S. Lewis’ Perelandra for perhaps the seventh time, but definitely the first time in several years, and I had forgotten how utterly astonishing it is, how deeply spiritual and how moving, and how very good fiction is for the soul. I’m all about memoirs, DIY manifestos and self-helping manuals, but once it a while it’s just so good to get lost in another world. (Thus far in my literary life, only C.S. Lewis and Michael O’Brien have the capacity to move me on a deep spiritual level, but I’m always open to suggestions.) Perelandra is the kind of book that will, quite unassumingly, cause you to set it down and momentarily lose yourself in contemplation of the nature of God. And it is most definitely not what one would traditionally call spiritual reading. It’s beautiful, captivating and engaging prose of the first degree.

7. I have a problem with terrible music. The problem is, I like it. The corollary problem is that my 3-year-old son sometimes asks me to sing “every word to the airplane song for me, Mommy.” and then I can’t. Because adult themes and language. At least he’s not into Ke$ha. Yet.

See you at Jen’s place?


  • LPatter

    I really loved Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry – not as escapist an experience as a Lewis, but beautifully open and reflective – have you read it? Amazing how he “gets” how to narrate 1st person as a woman. A little sad in places but a very thoughtful look at human experiences and relationships.

  • October Rose

    I absolutely love Perelandra. Every time I read the space trilogy, whatever book I’m on is my “favorite.” So Perelandra is always my favorite, until I finish it and move on to That Hideous Strength.

  • Rosie

    Is it horrible that I would simply find out the name of the random 5-year-old and see if she would like to come to my house for a play date? And by play date, I mean “hold my infant while I eat something with both hands…”

    Cecilia is convinced that she’s going to spend FOREVER holding our newest baby after the birth… I’m hoping she makes good on her promise 😉 Big girls are THE BEST!

    But yeah, a gym daycare where they just kind of let any kid manhandle the babies? Probably not a good call 😛

  • J.S.

    I enjoy your blog, and am commenting to suggest anything by Elizabeth Goudge. I heard of her because J.K. Rowling said Ms. Goudge’s book, “The Little White Horse,” was one of her favorites, and so I picked it up and got hooked. I think that is one of her lesser works, actually. I’m very picky about novels, but Elizabeth Goudge’s books are the kind that you read reallll slowly because you don’t want them to end.

  • Kris

    I was singing along to the “plane” song the other day in the car and thinking at the same time “this is totally inappropriate for the kids in the car”. And I kept singing anyway. Sigh. Bad music here too. And I’m reading the decorating book too. Can’t wait to read about the Edel gathering – and still so sad about the timing and that I can’t go this year.

  • Andrea

    Perelandra is so, so beautiful. My non-bookish husband loves it so much that he quotes it in what seems like every other conversation! Only this past Christmas I read the series for the first time and was incensed that nobody had me read it in the past! What a treasure.

    Also, those handbags are amazing. I am decidedly a non-diaper bag mama, but this brand may just change my mind. My husband would be thrilled because I never have a diaper when the toddler needs one…

    Looking forward to Edel!!!

  • Kelli Seeley

    Stopping over from 7QT (and also going to Edel)….the other day I heard my 4 year old sitting on the toilet singing, “I’m gettin’ drunk on a plaaane” *sigh* I like bad music too.

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