We interrupt this utter lack of programming

To report from the land of sick and sad babies with head colds. Sriously, there is nothing sadder than a congested baby. Still, we did get her baptized Saturday evening, as planned, and she does smell deliciously of chrism and salvation and all that.

But she can either breathe or eat, and not both, which has made for a kind of awful weekend. Trying to sprinkle a few lunges here and there, coupled with polished nails and toes and extra shots of espresso, in the spirit of keeping the Wellness Project – and myself – limping along.


  • Valerie

    What a beautiful baby (and baptismal font!) Welcome to the church little Genevieve! Congested babies are so sad to be around. Not that you’re looking for advice, but if you ever use doTERRA oils, the “breathe” mix (I’m pretty sure it has peppermint and eucalyptus in it, plus some other things) is a God send for congestion. When my littlest was a newborn, I just held it by his nose so that he could inhale the scent, and it drained him out so quickly. I usually rub it right on my own face if I need it, but I don’t know all about the use of Essential oils with such little humans yet.

  • Kris

    When mine were super congested, I would rub a tiny smidge of Vicks on myself right near the side where they were going to nurse. The scent of if would really help the congestion and the nursing.

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