10 Days to Go

This afternoon found me logging miles on the elliptical and testing out my newfound resolve to refrain from using the scale for at least the next 3 months (and possibly forever.

Seriously what possible reason do I have for knowing my exact weight? My driver’s license and my passport both have at least 5 years before expiration, so…) so consider that my Wellness Project update for the weekend. (20 days down, 10 to go.)

For the digital record, every workout I’ve had sans weigh-in has been infinitely more satisfying than any workout that ever preceded or followed a rendezvous with the worth-giver. I mean the validation dispenser. Or maybe we can just call it the shitty day-o-meter. Because folks, I could have logged 4 solid miles on the treadmill, lifted weights and be dripping sweat and feeling like a warrior princess and then … beep, beep, beeeeeep: the numbers prove me wrong. The numbers say that my work has been in vain, and not only that, has potentially set me back in my pursuit of bodily perfection, for I am 1.3 lbs up from yesterday.

So stupid. Why it took my 31 years to realize this, I can hardly say, but consider it realized. Working out is only fun (and sustainable) when I’m doing it for the right reasons, anyway.

I have some other thoughts percolating, thoughts about gratitude and worthiness and comparison and what an interesting weekend it has been, but a hungry angry baby who most definitely doesn’t appreciate the dairy I ingested yesterday is calling – nay, shrieking – my name.


  • Rosie

    Okay, so I weigh myself periodically (and have since the twins were born) just so I’m aware if I’m eating enough, because my weight has had a BIG effect on my milk supply. And want to know something interesting? My weight has hovered around the exact same number for the past 8 or so months, and yet my waist circumference 8 months ago was TWO INCHES larger than it was a month ago when I measured it again (because I realized my clothes were looser). So yeah, that number is meaningless!

  • Ellen Johnson

    Oh Jenny, I feel ya. I always gain weight when I work out. I would be feeling so good about all the hard work I was putting in and progress I was making, and then I’d step on the scale and ruin my day. Shitty day-o-meter is right!

  • Melissa

    I think for the next baby ill be closing my eyes during “weigh ins” at the doctors office. It always causes me undue anxiety and ruins my good mood. Its so unnecessary

  • [email protected] Catholic Mama

    I didn’t weigh myself all during pregnancy with my last two pregnanies. I just told the midwife I didn’t want to, so I didn’t it. It was very freeing and it doesn’t mean anything anyway.

    And, I totally agree that weight is a terrible barometer of health or anything. It really means nothing, and is just a number. Getting rid of the scale is really one of the best things you can do.

  • Martha Reilly

    I grew up without a scale. My parents never talked about it, but I believe it was a conscious decision on their part to not have a scale in the house with a handful of teenage daughters. I think it very wise of them. I only got a scale when I got married and I’m glad I had it for my first pregnancy, but basically since delivery that scale’s been primarily in the closet. It’s not out calling my name to come hither and see how I’m doing in the postpartum department.

  • Anonymous

    Scales are meaningless. I only check my weight once a year at my yearly physical. I know when I need to cut back by how my clothes are feeling/fitting. It’s all just so arbitrary.

  • Molly I

    I just realized this too (at 31) and working out is actually not that bad now. I know that I am doing something good for myself and I feel better after I am done and that is all that matters! I also don’t totally beat myself up if I miss a day or two. I think the Wellness project is a great idea! Thank you for leading the charge.

  • Kris

    I did the Whole 30 with a friend (after you talked about it on your blog) and they forbid you from weighing yourself for the entire month. Because ultimately, it’s not about the number. It’s about how you feel. If you’re doing all the right healthy things and you feel good in your clothes, then the number on the scale is irrelevant. I know my weight fluctuates depending on where I am in my cycle, what time of day it is, whether or not I’ve worked out (you have some amount of swelling on the day after you lift or run, so your weight naturally goes up slightly after working out). As someone else posted above – I know when I’m not eating right because of how my clothes feel. That’s what I’m going with!!

  • Elizabeth Anne

    In an effort to finally end my struggle with weight. I decided to give up weighing myself for good! It has been by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. Besides now when kids/little people ask me how much do you weigh? I can honestly say I have no idea and I am perfectly fine with that.

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