Well that was fun (Day 2)

This morning I woke up before most of my children, because the youngest of the bunch slept for 6 hours straight in her shiny new-to-us, plugs-into-the-wall-like-a-boss baby swing, so I had full use of my extremities at 6:30 am. I used said extremities to lather, rinse, repeat and then applied makeup and then dressed myself in real clothing (read: does not belong on a treadmill) which I kept on UNTIL THE SUN WENT DOWN.

That’s right, I wore a real, honest to goodness pair of pants from morning till night. And I eventually curled my freshly washed hair, too.

Standards: they’ve never been this low. So there’s only one way to go, I guess.

All in all, day 2 of the Wellness Project goeth well…and so goeth the life of my family. All that crap about putting on your own oxygen mask first? It’s legit. I was so much more available to my children today, and in such a better mood when Dave got home tonight. I even cooked dinner. With the real pants still on. Just stop me, I’m on fire. (In all fairness, 6 unbroken hours of sleep may have had something to do with all the productivity oozing out of my concealed pores.)

It seems like this is a good idea, and one that’s resonating with lots more of you mamas out there, from the looks of the comments and emails yesterday’s post generated. So I will be posting a little snippet each of these next 29 days with the ‘one good thing’ from that day. Maybe you guys can do the same? I’d love to hear what kind of things you’re doing, and whether taking these little opportunities to care for yourself is impacting your work and your relationships, especially with your families, for the better.

In summary: day 2 – showered and dressed, including hair and makeup, all before attending to the children. 28 more days to go…


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