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Thirsty Thursday

Honestly I think I’ve nursed this baby 9 times today, and we’re not even to 10 pm yet. Anybody picking up what I’m putting down? I have a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding fo sho, and while I’m very thankful to be able to do it, I’m not always in love with the amount of ‘hands on’ time involved, so to speak. Touched.out. Amiright?

Anyway, I also managed to squeeze in 30 lunges and I plucked my eyebrows before calling it a night. Yesterday’s self-care items included 3 miles on the elliptical and some hastily painted nails in an Essie shade I adore, given to me by my sweet little sister-in-law. I’ve found that higher quality (read: more than $5 per bottle) polish applies smoother, lasts longer, and takes fewer coats to look good, so technically it’s cheaper in the long run. Right? Right?

Don’t tell me if I’m wrong. All future trips to Target depend upon it.

Hunkering down for the night with my ravenous baby, a few episodes of House Hunters cued up on Amazon prime, and the snow dumping steadily outside our windows. Hope your dreams are pleasantest.

p.s. This is motivating me to continue producing baby fuel:

You’ve probably heard the delicious fact that breastfeeding uses up the fat stores you laid down in pregnancy. The greatest weight loss is seen in the three to six month period. You’ve just hit the start of this uber fat-burning period.”

Hell to the yes. 6 more weeks till game time.


  • Tamara

    You’re totally right about the nail polish! Its actually true about other cosmetic items too, like foundation and moisturizer. A little goes a long way when its the good stuff!

  • Colleen

    I’m so with ya on the breastfeeding. It’s so not my favorite, but I do it. I don’t believe that fat burning nonsense, since breastfeeding makes me so hungry all the time that I eat all the time and I can’t lose weight until bambino is weaned. Maybe if I didn’t eat so much….

    • Sarah Sahm Williams

      I was going to say the same thing… there comes a point where I actually start gaining weight again, or at least don’t lose any baby weight at all while nursing because it makes me soooo hungry. I’m sure that won’t be the case for you, though!
      I’m also not super attached to it like some moms, but know it’s good for them for as long as the babe and I can do it.
      I feel like all moms should get a free pass til the babes are a year before they even need to start thinking about it ;).

  • Evelyn L

    So if you do 3 miles AND breastfeed 10x times a day, that’s like triple the calories being burned. Half of it you’re sitting on the couch watching House Hunters. Not bad for a diet regiment;) Keep it up — at least it’s not summer and you’ve got sweat all mixed it with those 10x feedings…

  • Anne B.

    I’ve only ever watched House Hunters when we’ve stayed in hotels, but was looking for more Amazon Prime options for my own pumping/bottle feeding sessions. My goodness that show is addicting! As a choleric, I get very emotionally worked about the decisions of strangers. Love it!

    Also, I totally agree on the nail polish. You should try Sally Hanssen Salon Effects. The rounded brush is awesome, and it’s like base coat, color, top coat all in one step.

  • Kris

    I loved breastfeeding. Except in the night. There were nights when I was SOOOO tired I just wanted to wish the baby away, or make my husband get up and somehow start lactating. Or something. She probably nursing more because she’s getting ready to hit a growth spurt, so demand is upping supply. Mine always did that. And yay for nursing and fat-burning. My favorite part.

  • Megan Klump

    Thank you for that last quote! I am adjusting to new mommyhood, and was thinking that I was lied to when they said that breastfeeding is a wonderful way to lose the baby weight. Because right now, I’ve lost less than half and he’s 8 weeks old. And, I’m so thankful for pumping. Someone else hold that baby while I just sit by myself for a minute!!

  • Anonymous

    Ah, such a refreshing post. I agree that breastfeeding can suck! My fourth and fifth babies are twins, so I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but nursing for the past eight months. I’m actually really tired of my own breasts, like tired of looking at them. It’s nice to know someone else feels the pain along with the ecstasy.

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