Culture of Death

A heaping dose of truth

But try not to throw up in your mouth while reading it.

Despite being virtually bombarded with text messages from multiple friends last night beseeching me to liveblog the State of the Union address on Facebook while drinking, I declined as ‘too well to attend’ and went to David’s Bridal to try on brides matron dresses in varying shades of hideous, which was downright enjoyable compared to what I could have been watching/listening to, I presume. Plus, all we had in the house was bourbon, and I broke up with Facebook months ago.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I friggin love Rachel Lucas. Thanks for doing what I no longer have the stomach to handle.


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    WORD. I’ll admit it, I’m a bigot. I’m also a woman (but am I, really, if I’m “anti-women’s rights”? Maybe I’m an un-woman bent on total destruction of feminist agenda…..). I’m also biracial (but I’m not reeeeeeeally black, since I don’t worship at the foot of Obama. Just a sellout who spurns the welfare state and the state of black “fatherhood”, who married a white guy and prays to Mary. An Uncle Tom, if you will). Idk. Maybe I’m brainless.

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