7 Quick Takes

1. It’s over 50 degrees here today, which means my boys are cavorting in the backyard wearing only light vests and let’s be honest, no socks. Shoes, but no socks. We’re now that family.

2. I am still deeply mourning for the glory that was Downton, Seasons 1 and 2. If I wanted that kind of horror, frankly, I’d be watching CSI.

3. I am feeling a tad bit Romesick today after fielding emails from two of our dearest friends over there. I should probably click back through the ‘ol archives to remind myself how emphatically un-rose-colored daily life there actually was, but instead I’ll let the happy amnesia of time take away all the bad and leave only the good, sweet, and beautiful intact. Ah, bella Roma…

(American medical care, a mini van, friends and family, Super Target, Mass in English, traffic laws, air conditioning, … there, now I’m back to reality.)

4. I have this 3 year old and, oh, my goodness, what is it about this age? One moment they’re a bundle of precious psuedo-babyness with chubby cheeks and they next minute they’re bombing down the driveway (strictly against protocol) on their bikes and trying to get him by passing cars, I swear. Or yelling ‘Stupid Mommy!’ as one fruitlessly searches for one’s keys in the Walmart parking lot. You haven’t really hit rock bottom as a parent until you’ve been verbally abused by your offspring in the Walmart parking lot.

5. I am writing this fifth take from a perch on our milk box on the front porch, watching the Bobbsey twins fight over stepping each other’s shadows with a baby strapped to my chest and sitting partially obscured by our dead Christmas tree which has yet to make the long migration aaaaaaall the way to the curb. I think this tells you all you need to know about this week.

6. The baby won’t tolerate dairy or being put down for a hot second while the sun still shines, so the Ergo and tequila are still the winningest combination.

7. I’ve had so many inquiries and questions regarding travel to Italy with babies and specifically accommodations, transportation and sightseeing in Rome that I think I’m going to add a “life and travel in Rome” tab to the ‘ol blog. All these people gearing up to head over for the canonization of JPII probably has a teensy bit to do with my aforementioned Romesickness, but it will be fun to put together a list of ‘must sees’ and advice for other happy travelers who are planning a great escape.

Boring, random, and right on time. Go see Jen for more.


  • Kris

    Definitely on with the Rome travelogue! Despite all the million and one questions I have already asked you. And let him ride his bike down the driveway. Boys need a little danger in their lives (says this momma of 4 boys). You will become immune to it, I promise. Now, I just shrug my shoulders and say “go for it”. Slacker Mom for the win.

  • Ashleigh Davis

    I don’t know who decided that two was the terrible age, three has been the worst with my kids… I love them, but from three to around 3 1/2 things just suck. Praying God beers you some extra grace.

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