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Joy to the World

Best Gaudete Sunday ever.

I love Advent. And I love that Christmas came a little early for us this year – 10 days early, to be exact. And an impressively petite 6 lbs, 6 oz, and 18.5 inches. Quite a downgrade from the 8 lb masculine models I’m accustomed to. And quite an easier recovery, thus far.

We decided to take the one night option and stay at hotel hospital tonight, because the L & D floor is empty, people keep bringing me chocolate and taking away my dirty laundry, and I haven’t been woken up once by a pesky vitals check. They have the uncanny ability of popping in just when I’m cuing up some e HGTV…

A few photos to tide you over until I can bust out the birth story. A cliffs notes version: Labor started around 11 pm on Friday night, we popped in on Saturday morning around 5 am to do the walk of shame up and down the halls at only 3 cm, I checked back out and attended my baby shower amidst semi-painful contractions and a healthy dose of perspiration, naps were had, baths were drawn, babes were fed, and at about midnight Sunday morning we headed back out into the dark to try our luck at checking in. Again. Of course my contractions slowed down on the ride over and I was so ashamed to be checked upon arrival but…glory, 6.5 centimeters!

They let us stay, they eventually jammed the needle into the right space between vertebrae, and at 7:01 on this beautiful ‘pink Sunday’ I met my little pink cheeked baby girl with Fleetwood Mac and Dave Matthews playing in the background. She is so very beautiful and so teeny, and we’re just so in love. John Paul kissed her head when he arrived to meet and greet later in the day, and Joey basically ignored her and complimented the ‘awesome couch’ in our room. It’s gonna be a great first Christmas as a party of five.

Enough crazy thick black (whaaaat?!) hair for bows and clips already.
Bow hat courtesy of our wonderful night nurse
Our amazing doctor.
Love this little face. 

Our hearts are full. Rejoice, He is coming.


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