Five Favorites

Can I cheat and just put 5 different pictures of my baby girl? No? Okay, maybe 5 pictures of her plus five things I am really loving about newborn-ness this time around?

1. Her head smells like heaven. Which is weird, because she has had exactly one shower in her brief ex-utero life, so really her head should smell like crappy Johnson and Johnson hospital grade baby soap and the inside of my uterus. Which doesn’t strike me as the aroma of sanctity. But. Still. Heavenly breaths of sweet, sweet baby smell…and she hasn’t even been swabbed with chrism yet.

Spa day.

2. I don’t care that I still look 5 months pregnant. Seriously, I don’t. I just ate a mug full of Blue Bell Rocky Mountain Road ice cream at 9:30 pm because I can, and I’m still all like, daaaaaaamn, I look so much skinnier than I did 3 days ago. Go me. Let’s eat fudge! 

Daily weight checks for littlest ladies, only.

This post partum period, so far, has been so very much more joyful and peaceful than either of the boys’ arrivals. With Joey I was a nervous wreck and nursing was an awful oddessy of dread and tears, and I was so depressed after JP was born I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning, let alone go skipping around the house hanging up Christmas decorations and rearranging the cutest wittle pink blankets on the most darling changing table you’ve ever seen. Also, I weighed myself after both of deliveries. Frequently. This time? Ignorance is bliss. Sheer bliss.

3. My boys are at grandma’s house. I miss them so much but I am baby mooning like a boss and all my laundry is caught up and Dave is off work and it is so, so nice to have the combined effect of the perspective of third-time parenting (hint: newborn stage is short and sweet, drink it up) coupled with the absence of those other offspring who gave you your crash course in newborn nurturing. They’ll be back tomorrow though, and I’m sure it’s about to get real up in casa de Uebbing. But for now I’m reveling in my sparkling clean house, full fridge, and darling pink accents strewn artfully about.

I’m a darling pink accent.

4. Christmas is coming, it’s already day one of the O Antiphons! And I’m not pregnant any more! And I have a wee little lass to dress all in ruffled red, and I just joined the 21st century and pledged my allegiance to Amazon prime so I might actually get the remaining shopping done and delivered on time. This is by far the best case scenario I had dreamt up way back when in Bella Roma while staring at those two pink lines…God is good. And so is 2 day free shipping.

Epidurals. Only slightly more amazing than 2-day shipping. 

5. My sisters planned my baby shower for this past Saturday. I went into labor last Friday night. But it was a sloooooow moving labor. And upon showing up at the hospital a tad on the early side, I may have been given the option to walk the halls or go home and try to prod things along/get some rest on my own. Which may have resulted in my attending my own baby shower while in labor, pausing only occasionally to wince through particularly effective contractions while drinking mimosas and opening presents. It was 2 parts awesome and 1 part bizarre, and I promise I’ll get my typing fingers warmed up and bang out a birth story before the week is out. But let’s just call that a teaser trailer…

Worth the wait, I promise.

Thank you for all your sweet comments and well-wishes. I can’t express how much this little girl has filled our hearts and our home with joy. Now off to sweet Hallie’s with you.


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