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Joining Hallie the sweet for this lazy mom’s blog favorites of the week.

1. This guy:

We’ll celebrate 4 years on Thursday and we’re marking the occassion with a late-night showing of the Hunger Games (okay, I am actually sneaking out of the house with 2 out of 6 siblings and leaving my saintly spouse at home) followed by a glorious weekend away at a hotel downtown where my itinerary includes napping followed by a light nap and then some overnight napping. And maybe a nice child-free Mass on Sunday morning. My little sis is watching the boys for 2 nights, so pray for her. Babymoon for the win!

2. My third trimester ring.

Dave gifted this ring to me last time around, and while it took my fingers sausages a little longer to reach the “swollen beyond all recognition” stage with this little bambina, I had to pull it out last week and honestly, if I’m going to have to slip off my wedding set, this is a decent consolation prize. There’s just something about fat, naked fingers on my 9 month pregnant self that I cannot handle, and since I seem to be spending the majority of our married life (thus far) cooking babies, it seemed a reasonable (and modest) investment to make. Might I recommend you baby mamas out there look into a similar arrangement with your honey?

3. Chapter books with Joey.

Continuing our foray into the literary depths beyond “What color is my digger?” and “Guess how much I freaking love you let’s talk about it till we vomit,” I received an advance copy of this super cute chapter book aimed at, I would guess, 6-10 year old girls, penned by a friend (and fellow FOCUS alum) of Dave’s. We’ve torn through 5 chapters in a single evening thus far and by all accounts, the 3-year-old male demographic is also highly satisfied by this adorable tome in the tradition of “Junie B. Jones,” (or so I seem to vaguely recall from my days of reading to my younger sisters.) It’s funny, cute, and so far there’s not a lick of saccharine piety to be found, which is a rare animal in modern Catholic children’s fiction, at least in my limited exposure. I’ll do a real review with a giveaway when we’ve finished it. I’ll even try to keep Joey’s grubby pawing to a minimum.

4. I showed up for a blind play date this morning looking all kinds of Amish (or maybe female Duggar) in my latest sartorial piece de jour, but since finding, killing, and dragging home this maxi (new with tags!) at Goodwill 2 weeks ago, I’ve rarely taken it off. (Mine’s grey)

I didn’t think I could ever rock the maxi trend, but then I got enormous and the temperatures, well, they’re still resting comfortably in the 50-60 degree range most days here in sunny Denver, so my s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out Old Navy reliables are collecting dust in the drawer while I prance around owning my starts-with-a-J-name like nobody’s business. Also, the thing is a fricking medium and it fits better than my husband’s gym shorts, so Liz Lange, if you’re out there and you’re reading, I’d like to find you and kiss you right on the mouth. Or something like that.

5. My new (to me) carseat, washed, detailed, and sitting pretty in Princess Genevieve’s decorated nursery. It’s heavy, but not as heavy as our old Chicco was, so I’ll settle for mildly sculpted triceps and a strained upper back this time around.

I am nesting into eternity with this bebe, and not only does she have a bunting strung over her crib and the entire wardrobe she’ll need for her first year of life washed, labelled, and color-coded in her sweetly organized drawers, but now she has a safe ride home from the hospital to boot. And okay, while it’s a little white trash to buy a car seat off of Craig, my sister pointed out that it’s technically not any worse than putting your third born into a seat her two older brothers already bombed out. And besides, we left that one in Italy. Can’t beat a seat with three (3! WTF?) bases for $50 bucks. Seriously, who gets the third base? A neighbor? The coffee guy at my usual place? An unmarried younger sibling in need of penance? Maybe I’ll hold a lottery.

On that note, may the odds be ever in your favor. I’ve gotta go practice french braiding my shoulder length bob and find something to make a quiver out of before tomorrow night…


  • Maia

    Our Chicco is on round two (#1’s car seat — not a carry seat — was still in use when #2 came along) and I so dislike how heavy it is. New car seat in order should be lucky enough to have a #4, etc.

  • Rachel

    I love that ring, what a great idea! Also, I hate how everything gets stretched out during those last weeks (months?) haha. I’m pretty sure I completely stretched out all my maternity clothes so that they won’t fit during the earlier weeks during my pregnancy.


    What a beautiful and happy-looking picture in #1. And what a gorgeous ring in #2! After riding out my (very swollen) first pregnancy without a bigger ring to wear (leaving me feeling sooo conspicuous, especially in mass), I got myself (a very basic, inexpensive) one for my second pregnancy. But yours is WAY prettier. Maybe I should convince my hubby that a nicer ring would be a lovely Christmas present. Last year he gave me a pillow. I kid you not.

  • Lisa

    Oh, that ring is just gorgeous and that is a superb idea to use it 3rd trimester! And unless what you bought came from the “Best of Craigslist” list, I think you’re in the clear. We just got a kid’s table + chairs set for Christmas off of Craigslist and found out it had 2 previous owners before us…I do feel a little lame/cheap about that but the girls will never know. 😉 Have a great babymoon!

  • Micaela Darr

    I need that ring (or one like it) for my next pregnancy. My hubby always complains that I’m trying to pick up guys when I have to go ringless late in pregnancy. Mmmmmm hmmmmmm. THAT’s gonna happen.

    Your whole post made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing the goodness!

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