• Sarah

    I want to see what was written after he said “God forgives those who obey their conscience” since an important part of following your conscience is having a well-formed conscience. These seems to be something often forgotten by society.

  • Jenny

    Yeah, I’m thinking we’re going to have to look elsewhere then the “Telegraph” for that one. The news is only good for disseminating sound bytes, after all. But it’s awesome the way he isn’t afraid to engage whomever, whenever, and by whatever means are available. I’ll be sure to post the full transcript when/if I find it translated from the Italian.

  • Sarah

    Please do! The secular media spin has a tendency to choose the sound bytes or pieces they feel turn into the juiciest headlines but I have little doubt that the full text of what Pope Francis said is beautiful. You are right that it is incredible how he speaks so openly though Ryan is driven crazy by this a little. Since it is often difficult to find the whole text he thinks it can be misleading. Not that he doubts the pope is saying anything but the Truth, it is just nice when you have the full text to back up the media sound bytes in conversation as many non-Catholics, former Catholics, or “practicing” Catholics believe the spin the media wants.

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