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A Little Homework

Yes yes yes…times a million.

And that wraps up my last post about Papa F, at least for this week.
Be sure to check out CNA’s nuanced exploration of the “controversial” comments here (written by my dear friend Alan Holdren, who is one Roman I really miss) and Kathryn Jean Lopez’ excellent-beyond-words summary of the whole thing.
And then pray…for our Holy Father, for the Church, and for conversion in your own heart. God knows I need more of it in mine. God knows we all do.


  • Unknown

    Thank you for putting these things all so succinctly in these last two posts on the subject. It makes it all the more obvious to me that the media is not innocently viewing Pope Francis through a cloudy lens but is actually intent on maliciousness, slander, and denigration. Pope Francis’ approach of pastoral care and love strips the media’s agenda naked. What’s left to examine but ignorance? Pope Francis’ words are more than simple enough to understand (when taken in context). At this point, it isn’t hard to draw a comparison between the media and soap operas: bent on making money through all the vices of entertainment, reserved for a self-serving niche group, by means of exploitation, shallow arguments, and imagined drama. Could it really be so hard to conquer these rugged individualists? The tide has turned and I think that love is winning…even without the help of some Catholics, forlorn and wavering by the vast difference between Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis’s strategies (but it ought not to be that way). Great posts. I hope they help strengthen the troops! NC

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