7 Last Songs of Summer

I don’t listen to a ton of music, but after being abroad for the better part of 3 seasons this year, I experienced a unique glut of enjoyable, ‘new to me’ music when we got home in August, and suddenly picky me had like, five songs I regularly bump now on repeat rather than the usual one or two.

I should probably mention that my taste is horribly pedestrian, I pick songs to like based entirely upon gut feeling, and I listen to a ‘new’ song anywhere from 20-30 times in a row until just the opening lines of it are sufficient to induce nausea. So maybe don’t take musical advice from me. Or maybe do, because look at this awesome selection I’ve curated. Be warned, the genres are many and for one in particular, the sap factor is high. Enjoy at your own risk.

1. Get Your Shine On – Florida Georgia Line

2.  Sing Loud – Alpha Rev

3. Royals – Lorde

4. Gone Gone Gone – Phillip Phillips

5. Dancing in the Mine Fields – Andrew Peterson

6. Hey Pretty Girl – Kip Moore

7. Running Out of Moonlight – Randy Hauser

I understand if you don’t want to be friends anymore, because God knows even my three year old is begging me to find a ‘song about baby tigers’ so disgusted is he with my sophomoric and uncultivated musical tastes. But it’s my laptop, kid.

Happy freaking weekend. Hope Jen and the crew lead you to many happy hours of blog hopping.


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