5 Feminine Favorites

How’s that for a terrible title?

But thanks to Grace hosting for Hallie, I can burn your retinas with some girly girl favorites for the week:


This post has gotten me thinking…and thinking, and thinking. I’m in a similar place in my life and motherhood, and it feels like the time is ripe for real growth. At any rate, I can pinpoint a big reason why writing has been so infrequent lately.


Introspective flash of insight: I feel physically ill at ease when my house is undecorated and/or cluttered. It’s like my home environment is wearing dirty yoga pants and no bra, and I am struck to the core with the realization that fresh flowers and plumped throw pillows are the decorating equivalent of a shower and a blow out. So sometimes when I don’t have time for the latter, I rely on the visual cues of the former to keep me from going to a scary, scary place mentally.

So stuff like this? Life saving, for me.

My sweet, sweet boys have become so very snuggly lately, and Joey has become quite free with his compliments. This week he has told me multiple times that “I like that hair color, Mommy” and lately at bedtime in lieu of the usual tantrum + face punching combo he has actually been asking me to lie down with him and snuggle. He then snakes one little arm around my neck and pulls me in tight so I can breathe his toddler poop breath while he kisses me repeatedly on the lips. Way to a mama’s heart for sure. Melt. 
Dave called me this weekend while I was out running errands and announced that he had planned and scheduled date night for tonight, with zero prompting or input from me. Not that this is completely out of character, because I probably married the most thoughtful and romantic man on earth, but he has been swamped at work and it was just such a nice surprise. He even tried to line up the babysitter by himself, which is like hot fudge on chocolate in my book. Husbands: all your wife wants is a night out of the house and some childcare. Truly.
From our engagement party, salvaged during recent Facebook purging.
Honestly, it’s a good thing he is such a good husband and father, because it will give our little girl something to pattern her tastes after. 
Surprise! Meet Genevieve Therese. Lured by the unbearable temptation of a 4D ultrasound machine and an OB appointment sans toddlers, we decided to ‘meet’ our latest interior baby a few months earlier than usual. 
She’s a bit daintier than her brothers were, so we get to go back in a month for another peek to make sure she’s growing well. Isn’t she pretty? I have a daughter…I can’t believe it. And she clearly can’t believe we had the audacity to photograph her. Her sweet little hands were covering her face and/or eyes the whole time. What a little doll. 
I tried to buy her first outfit today and left Old Navy with a nary to show for myself but a rainbow-striped onesie from the clearance rack and elevated blood pressure. I don’t know if I can handle all the crazy that will be dressing and accessorizing a lady baby. Good thing I have 4 more months to plan and execute her sartorial debut. I’m thinking houndstooth.


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