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Potty Training

Business casual + bohemian artsy

Wearing a tie. I pray he means business this time.

Gazing into a brighter, dryer future.

Any tips? Tricks? Suggestions? Pamphlets on colleges with potty training exemptions? I’m all ears and Thomas the Train undies over here.


  • makingthetrek

    With our first we went fully nekked around the house with lots of juice and timers to remind mom to get him to the potty. Took about a week. The other 3 didn’t have the luxury of nowhere to go, nothing to do and we did our best to recreate…however….I’m sure I have a bald spot from each experience.

  • Amelia

    I love the tie! My one tip is if they have trouble peeing on the potty, to put it in the bathtub and run warm water over their feet while they sit on it.

    And take them to the potty, like every hour.

  • Amelia

    I used to put the potty in the bathtub and have them sit on it while running warm water over their legs. That would encourage them to pee and set the idea in their minds that when they sit on the potty, they pee.

  • Rosie

    Naked time aaaaall the time, cloth training pants (Pull-Ups are a HUGE waste of money), don’t worry about naptime or nighttime until you’ve got day figured out, bribery is TOTALLY okay (we would give like, a piece of dried mango every time John Paul peed or pooped and he went NUTS for it, but he’s always been kind of like a dog in how he’s motivated by food). Good luck!!!

  • Michele Chronister

    Not sure if you’re doing all-underwear-all-the-time from the start, but know that you’ll have a few very messy days where you think he is NEVER going to get it…and then all of a sudden he just will! You can do it!

  • fabricsandfun

    We did the completely naked thing over here with my boys. I don’t know how old your little guy is, but by 2 both my 3 and 2 year old were potty trained just by being naked all the time.
    The only problem was that it took a while for them to use the potty because they always wanted to go outside…

  • KJL

    We’re there too. Little A really likes to flush, so it’s kind of a motivator for her to go on the toilet. I find it works to positively reinforce until you’re blue in the face. And once he gets to a place where he’s making it mostly through the day, we make a huge deal out of “a whole day without accidents!!!!!”

    Michele is right; it will seem like he’s never going to get it, but then all of a sudden something will click. We also do the sticker chart/food bribery thing. And if she makes it to the toilet without having an accident, we act like fools jumping up and down and celebrating. I tell her a lot that “mommy’s soooooo proud of you!” and now she repeats it every time I use the loo myself. Ha. I think the key is pulling out every trick in the book.

  • Julie

    We’re working on it right now too — and loving those same Thomas undies. The only concrete suggestion I have is that if you’re going to use rewards/bribes, be serious about it. Stickers worked fine for getting him to pee, but pooping-on-the-potty required peanut butter Snickers.

  • Anonymous

    I have 3 boys, 2 that are now potty trained. My oldest was 3 1/2 when we finally got around to training him. We just went straight to underpants (I stocked up on a bunch) and just never looked back one day. Lots of juice, and every 15 minutes I reminded him to tell me if he needed to go potty. We had a few accidents, but overall, he hated the way the mess felt in his pants and learned very quickly to get to the potty. Good luck!! – Annie

  • Kris

    I’ve potty trained 4 boys. I always used the naked-all-the-time method. I always had a rule that we sit on the potty before we leave the house no matter what. I love John Rosemond’s potty training advice – he’s the best. Rewards are good. Be prepared that night-time dryness may take awhile. NEver wear pullups unless it’s at night or you’re going somewhere where accidents cannot ever happen. Bring lots of clean changes of clothes everywhere. Pooping seems to take longer to “get” than peeing. Mine all fought that one for a few months. Don’t let that get into a battle where they start holding it. Bad news. And that’s all I’ve got for you.

  • Mary

    Not sure what is happening to my comments, ayiii! Oh well. They mean to say: Do it well, and do it in total – nighttime,daytime, the whole shabang, otherwise laziness on their part creeps in during the night or when they’re at someone else’s house… and you want them to know it is no longer ok to pee in their pants, period. was a huge help. Bought the ebook and it got me out of changing 2sets of diapers every day. We’ve had accidents for a while, still, but they are few and far between.

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