Life in Italy,  Traveling with Children

Cinque Preferiti

See what I did there? ‘Cause I parle Italiano. Sort of.

1. Working Han Solo in a coffee bar (doesn’t that just have SUCH a nicer ring than shop? And it’s true: there’s a veritable bounty of booze on display along with the most fabulous espresso you’ll ever put to your lips. Italy: 1, Starbucks: 0.) What about my kids? Oh, they’re at the park down the street with their NANNY. Who is a sweet Romanian lady (read: not a gypsy. They’re not all gypsies, despite what many native Italians believe) named Cristina who has graciously agreed to come to mi casa every Wednesday morning and party with my wolf cubs for 4 hours. I.have.arrived.

My love.

2. Ke$ha is bumping on the speakers right now. Italy is a lot of things, but it’s not prodigious in the pop music production. Or at least if it is, they prefer the soothing sounds of Pink, Mackelmore, and the Lumineers to any of their own native sons. So e’rrwhere I go, I can get down with my 14-year-old interior self. But don’t think I’m not thinking about Kendra’s wise insights the whole time. There’s definitely something to be said for too much of a good mediocre-at-best thing.

3. Papa Francesco’s latest charge to adult Christians: stop being teenagers for life. Gosh I love his frankness, his Latin American-ness, and his way with analogies. Also, see point #2 for the way I’m directly disregarding this advice. Also, doesn’t hurt that my talented husband wrote this piece.

4. This song. Thanks to Bonnie for feeding my ongoing pop addiction and pointing me in the direction of every song I’ve ‘discovered’ over the past year. Truly, I don’t think I’ve discovered a single new piece of music without her recommendation.

5. This amazing flight auction site. A buddy from college (the Boulder years, not the Steubie years) is behind this brilliant and legit flight bidding site. And y’all, we just booked 3 round trip tickets from Denver to Jacksonville, FL in June for $88 a piece. So for under $300 bucks, my whole family – even the lap baby – is flying a couple thousand miles for less than it would cost to hitchhike and subsist on fast food for the duration. Incredible. Plus, they booked us on an actual airline (Delta) and with reasonable departure/arrival times (leave at 9 am, arrive at 2 pm). Nailed it. Orbitz, you’re dead to me. I’m booking all forthcoming domestic travel via (Now Eric, pretty please expand into the global market ASAP. K thanks.)

Go see the lovely Grace who is on Spring Break in the Big Easy and still sober enough to guest host for Hallie. Such a grown up, that Grace.


  • Jennifer Sagel

    Seriously how does Bonnie do it? How does she know all of the cool, hip songs BEFORE they are cool and hip? I don’t know but I am glad she does because she has also introduced me to tons of songs I probably would have never found on my own that I love. Bonnie’s the best. Also-so jealous of your Italy-nanny-coffee-computer time. So so jealous.

  • Bonnie

    THANK YOU for liking Ke$ha! I hate that Marc Barnes always uses her music as the example for “stupid people are stupid and tasteless for liking Ke$ha and not just listening to music I like.” (Was that mean? I’m not trying to be mean – I’m sure Marc is a great
    guy I just disagree with him on some of his music views.) I’m frustrated by every single one of his music articles. Because FUN music is just supposed to be FUN! Like “Louie, Louie” or “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” or “Tik Tok”. Anyways.

    I am more than a little jealous of your #1 and I greatly appreciate your #5.

  • Olivia

    Pope Francis is still rocking our world! Great article by your hubby.

    And I second what many of the previous commenters have said- this flight auction sight could be the ultimate remedy to our travel impediments! Thank you a thousand times.

  • Kendra Tierney

    Hooray for a Wednesday Nanny, that sounds lovely. And thanks for the shout out. At least if I’m going to sport this gray hair I can tell myself it’s because I’m so *wise.*

  • Rosie

    That website looks awesome! I don’t know if I’ll ever be brave enough to fly again (SO outnumbered. Cannot handle it.), but hopefully I’ll remember it if we ever get to leave the state!

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