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What I Wore Sunday

This is a child being tormented with a gluten free birthday cake simply out of deference to his older brother’s digestive tract. Look how aware he is of the injustice he is suffering. Look at his disdain for the offending pastry, frosted with an entire jar of Nutella and topped with fresh-picked strawberries.
The sufferings of a younger brother.
On the other hand, a perfectly gluten-full cupcake with real frosting will fit the bill nicely. Points for the other mama at our grande festa di compleanno for not trying to poison the guests of honor with millet and sorghum.
Because nothing says adorable like topless, frosted babies posing carelessly in front of bi-lingual birthday banners.
Jenny outfitted by: 
Unwashed native hair, twisted without so much as a Youtube tutorial 
Dress: Banana Republic outlet
Earrings: Target
Mom arms: nightly night caps. And maybe some of that Nutella ‘frosting’
John Paul: 
Top: Baby Gap
Top-less: good genes
Hope you and yours enjoyed a buona Dominica – ours was blessed with new friends, locally-brewed Trappist beer from an Umbrian hilltown, and gluten-free and full birthday treats. 
Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


  • Mary

    Handsome boys! In a desperate attack of “I need chocolate!” a few nights ago, I pulled a pound cake out of the freezer and slathered it with the American version of Nutella, Jif Mocha Cappucino Hazelnut Spread (made in Belgium, suspicious). And then I microwaved it. Damn good. I wish I had some of that Trappist beer, though : )

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